Spring Cleaning

I spend most of yesterday cleaning my bedroom. Less than 24 hours later, you can't tell the difference. Oh well. But I discovered there's only so much you can do while cleaning. And my favourite thing is day dreaming. And what did I dream of, friends?


I have got a hankering to travel again. I love the feeling of walking into the airport, and being surrounded by people who are there while on their way to somewhere else. For some reason, it always seems to be India. I love getting on a plane and finding my seat. I love the beverage cart. I love staring out the window, and seeing all the cars look like toys. I love the feeling of landing, and how there's a slight chance things won't go right (note: this is the ONLY time I willingly participate in risky activities). I love getting off the plane and finding out what adventures I'm about to have. 

Which leads into.....

What am I going to do/where am I going to go this summer?

February Brutality

On a day like this, with a nasty wet snow/rain combination coming down, with large puddles ready to drench my feet, where it's going to be dark early, where I have an hours long stats test to write, with hours more of preparation, where all I long for is my bed, hot chocolate, a good movie, and footie pajamas, there is one thing keeping me motivated and optimistic.

And he knows who he is.

Public Announcement

I had written out this wonderful post of  Luke and I spend Valentine's weekend. Then my computer did something crazy, and it disappeared. And now I'm too crabby/don't have enough time to retype it. But rest assured that a full account is coming soon.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Monday Musings

Well, after surviving my midterm week, and doing rather well, I might add, this week has given me a sucker punch to my lower back. Maybe the weather, with it's teasing, almost springlike weather is making me frustrated, or perhaps my stack of papers that still needs to be graded. Or maybe I'm sleep deprived. Or lacking in nutrients. Or I need to clean my room (again).

On the bright side, February is a quarter of the way gone, and then it will be March!


March=spring (in Ashleigh's world, anyway).

Even Though.....

-I have two midterms this week
-about 300 papers to grade
-callouses on my fingers
-I haven't had a good chat with my mom in ages
-I need a shower NOW....

Life is good!

-I'm in school and studying something I love (not counting stats class)
-I have a job that I enjoy
-I'm learning to play the guitar!
-at least I have a mom
-and, well, I still need a shower.