The One where Ash Redacts

Yesterday I posted a snarky comment. Well, maybe a few. As it turns out, the phrase "icing sugar" is a Canadian-ism for powdered sugar, or confectioners sugar. After talking with several friends, my husband, and my sister-in-law, it turns out that I'm the ridiculous one.

My apologies.

P.S. I don't redact my comments on the other comments. I still think those are silly.

The One Where Ash Gets Snarky

Now, those of you who know me in real life, know that I can be a patient person (most of the time). But I need to get one thing straight. 

If you ask super dumb questions, I will mock you silently. And then bring it up with someone who will appreciate the hilarity of your dumbness. 

This goes triple on the internets. 

Allow me to explain. I was puddling around the internets just now, and found a recipe for frosting. I love cupcakes, and I love finding ways to make them more delicious. So I read the recipe. It's pretty much how I make my frosting now, only made with cream instead of milk (poor college girl can't afford any cream). So I read through it, then moved on to the comments, because for some reason, I do that sometimes. 

And there were so many dumb questions. Like, "what is icing sugar?" and "how much is a cup of butter?" and "is this frosting for a cake?". Really. For reals, homeboy, there are people out there who doing know that icing sugar is for making......icing. Which is known as frosting. Or that a cup of butter is.....a cup of butter. If you don't know, use the Google. If you have to ask about frosting for a cake, you should probably step away from the KitchenAid now. 

I'm not sure if I'm more amused, or afraid of how society is progressing. 

Today I...

  • woke up late 
  • went to church 
  • made pancakes 
  • did some of the dishes 
  • played way too long on Pinterest 
  • cleaned up our new wardrobe 
  • put stuff in the wardrobe 
  • hung some pictures 
Now I need to make a to-do list for tomorrow 

Odds and Ends

A whole month of marriage. Done and gone. And we still like each other. So I take it that's a pretty good thing. I've managed to keep us fed, prevent the house from looking like a tornado hit it (most days, anyway), and I'm still keeping up in school. 

For some reason, it never fails. I have so many things to write about here, or somewhere at least, and the next thing I know, my mind is a blank canvas. 

I should get back to writing a treatment. But I'm hungry. And the internets are so fun.  And for some reason, the story isn't as exciting to me as it used to be. But I don't want to start over completely from scratch. So there we are. 

I have a fun announcement for later. But not now, because it deserves it's own post. And no. I'm not preggers. If you thought that before reading the rest of the paragraph, you owe me a cupcake. For reals. 

Facebook changed AGAIN. I'd complain, but I think by now we're all used to the fact that it keeps going through inane changes, and we have to spend more time there in order to figure it out. Although it does have me considering deleting it. I was going to do that once I'd graduated, and I thought about doing it after I got married. But I think for reals I'll do it right before the kids start coming. I mean, I'm not thrilled about putting pictures of my offspring online, especially on the creeper-site. And I don't want a bunch of people I only kind-of know looking at them and commenting. And I'm really not getting them a Facebook. I read somewhere that 1 out of 16 kinds under 5 (or something) have a Facebook account. That's ridiculous. 

I wish there was a place to get cupcakes on campus. 

Strange Things

Since the start of the semester, weird things have started happening to me.

I rode on a ferris wheel. On campus. 
I got a phone call from the press. Apparantly they want to interview me for a story. About a race that I'm not running. 
I got proposed to by a freshman. And they filmed it. 
I got a job offer. It was even related to my field of study!
There is the most energized fruit fly in my field of vision right now. 

So that's only five....but in my life, that's plenty strange. 

Busy Busy

There's a lot on my to-do list. With two jobs, and two classes, a feature length script to write, a house to maintain, an email inbox to empty, and the internet to browse, all my time is accounted for.

This is Real Life

What they say is true.  Once you get married, you suddenly have to deal with more grown up issues. Like financial issues, paperwork, death, and a myriad of smaller, but no less trivial, situations.  I have the feeling that once I'm done with school and I'm completely out in the real world, there's only going to be more of this "real life" to face.

Autumn and Lists

I suppose with Labour Day nearly over, that means that fall is upon us. I am struggling to say goodbye to summer, so in an effort to get excited about the changing of the seasons, here is a list of happy autumn things:

1. I can start to wear all my sweaters again.
2. I can wear my scarves, too.
3. Apple cider
4. Tights and leg warmers.
5. Boots. I finally bought a pair of boots and I'm very excited to wear them.
6. Anything knitted.
7. Fluffly blankets
8. The return of all my favourite TV shows.

And now, here's a list of all the things I've been loving lately:

1. Owls. I know they're in vogue right now, but they are so adorable.
2. Elephants.
3. Penguins. Okay, so I've always loved them.
4. 1940s anything. It's my new favourite decade. I also still love the 60's, don't worry.
5. Lists. I've always loved those too.
6. Finding recipes. I'm addicted.

Also, I love the husband. Furthermore, I'm not calling him "hubby". Blech. Nor "hubs".

Happy September

We finally have internet in our place! Well, we've had it for a while, but it's not the best internet ever. But it's been working so far today. Which is good. Other than that, no updates here.  I have no Friday classes, so I have the house to myself. That means I get to unpack things and try and get organized.

Oh, internet cut out. Oh, now it's back.

This makes watching anything online nigh impossible.