March Recap

I feel like I just did the recap for February! But that's probably because I wrote it super late. So here we go again, this time, for March! 

We spent all of March at home, which was nice. And now has me itching to go on a trip. 

Tyrell came to visit for a few days, which was fun. Although he spent most of his time hanging out with old mission buddies, so I didn't get to see him much. The butt. 

I finally hung up curtains in my bedroom. I am amazed at how much better the room looks. It's like we actually live here! I'd share pictures, but I haven't put laundry away in.... a few days. And I'm not going to show that on the internet. 

Halfway through March I finished reading Mrs. Hemmingway by Naomi Wood. This deserves it's own post, but I will say this: Hemmingway was a jerk, and I think his 3 (!!!) wives were more interesting than he was.

I shared some Instagram photos of my current huge craft project. Last year, I signed up for Mollie's 50 States Stitching Club, and since then, I've been slowly cranking away at it. I finally cut out the strips for the quit, and this is what I chose: 

These pictures aren't great, but that's what happens when I stay up too late crafting. 

I also started working on a new screenplay. It's coming along very slowly, but I'm just glad to be doing something I love.

And, to round out the month, here are few fun things from around the internet: 

I think that this DIY herbal foot soak is so pretty! 

Modern Mrs. Darcy put together a perfect spring reading list. Some I've read and some I haven't. It seriously has me thinking of putting together my own little list. 

This March quote is the perfect way to end this post: