Nogle gange har jeg bare lyst til at tale på dansk, okay? Jeg en dag vil lære det for alvor, og være i stand til at tale det.

Jeg vil bare sige ..... jeg er ked af det. Jeg elsker dig så meget.

Du fortjener nogen bedre end mig.

Dreams, etc.

The universe conspires against me. That's all there is to it. 

I always have dreams of being a perfect student. Dedicating time to my studies, remembering everything, taking beautiful pages of notes. I also dream of being the perfect employee. 

I am not these things. 

Today I had a dream that I drove my scooter through the UK while on my honeymoon. I was driving the scooter in an effort to hunt down my husband, who had disappeared. It was weird. But I had a London dream, so I'm not complaining. 

I had too much food at lunch. Now I am complaining. 

Can tomorrow be Saturday too? Maybe then I'll be caught up on things.... 

Finally, I would like to be living in 1960s London. I say that all the time. It still hasn't come true. 

Slipperly Slopes....

This week started out great. I was on top of things, excited to work on the projects I have coming up, and looking to work hard at my job. 

Suddenly, and I have no idea how, I'm behind. Struggling to catch up. 

I wish that I didn't need sleep. That takes up too much of my time. 

Also, the screensaver on the computer next to me reminds me of what it would be like to be a red blood cell, floating through veins. It makes me nauseous. 

"I" Statements

I want my homework to be done with.

I want to have my work hours put in.

I want to always have a good internet connection.

I want to move forward with my life.

I want to do something crazy and reckless.

Sunday Randoms

Sunday's are always interesting days. 

Today it was windy when I was driving my scooter. That made things difficult. 

I've spent the last two hours trying to stalk someone. I can't find them. I'm getting frustrated. 

All the postsecrets today were inappropriate for me to publish. Plus, none of them applied to me. Perhaps it is a sign that I need to be sending in my own secrets. Or at least making some. Because I do have secrets. 

I got my room clean and organized. Then I did laundry, and my bed is covered in clothes. 

I'm sleepy. My stalking will have to wait until tomorrow. 
Today I'm achey. I want to stay in bed. At least until class at 5 tonight. But that can't happen. I must work! Huzzah! 

Other news: I keep staying up late and getting up early. Gonna kill me one of these times. 

My font keeps changing back to Times New Roman. No offence, but it's like the most boring font EVER. Maybe because I've written like 300 papers or something. All in TNR. 

I can't think of anything to wear today. Nothing cute and creative at least. Getting dressed takes a lot of effort, apparently. 

The deadline for the Sundance Film Festival is in about 10 days. Which is too bad, because I would have liked to have had something to submit. Maybe next year. Goal: Have something entered in a festival by 2011. 

Saturday Morning

Sometimes, I just really lack motivation. I get these great plans to work hard and fill up my to-do list. Then I get lazy. I search for silly things on the internet. I reorganize something that didn't need to be reorganized. I colour, or read. 

Today I should put in a few hours of work, clean my desk, make my bed, do laundry, fix my scooter battery, and go grocery shopping. And, I have a date tonight :) 

But right now, I just kinda want to go back to bed.  

You Know You're in the Right Major When...

... you cry during lecture because everything that you're talking about is amazing and the people around have the most beautiful insights.

...you stay up late reading, and it's the homework assignment.

...you look forward to doing homework.

...you can't "just" watch a movie. 

...you cry during movies, not because they're sad, but because you see the beauty in the dialogue, the cinematography, and the acting. 

...you have a crush on a director's style, not an actor. 

...you get chills watching movie trailers. 

The End of an Era(s)

I have just found out something majorly important. Several things, really.

1. A few classes for my Women's Studies minor have been dropped. I have one more to do, and then I'm done!

2. I've been having more and more difficulties with my cell phone provider, T-Mobile. So much so, that I'm considering dropping them. Which is too bad, because I like their phones, plans, and reception. But when for the 4th month in a row your payment isn't processed properly, and you get charged three times, it might be time to move on to greener pastures (Virgin Mobile, anyone?)