No Luck

Alright friends. I've tried a bunch of different posts today, and none of them are sticking. I guess I just don't have the touch today. Sorry blogging community. Knowing me, I'll get inspired at just the wrong time. Typical me. 

Also, there are far too many pseudo-courtroom shows on television these days. They're just stupid. And taking up time when Sabrina the Teen-age Witch reruns could be on. 



And Stupidity Strikes Again (ASSA)

Things have been a little rough for me the past few days. I don't want to write about it and get deeper into this funk than I already am, so instead, I'ma gonna leave you with things that make me happy. Stupid things, no less. Stupid things that make me happy. Lauff you. 

Happy Thursday. 

If Only....

This is an old trick, taken from Wikipedia, Quotations Page, and Flickr. 

Turned out nice, didn't it? 

My question of the week...

Last night my mom and I watched my favourite movie, 13 Going on 30. Ok, ok, ok, my favourite chick flick. I think it's my favourite because of the awkward teenage/1980s moments. They make me cringe, and I love them. Also, because it's just a cute movie. I've never thought of it as anything more though; I've never taken it seriously. But yesterday, as I was engaged in the film (because that's what good filmmakers do), I noticed some dialog spoken by Matt, the male lead in the film.


You don't always get the dream house,   
but sometimes you get awfully close. 

And in this moment, he's about to go off and marry the wrong girl, clearly indicating that he's not in love with his almost wife, he loves Jenna, the star of the movie. But he chooses to settle for second best. 

When you can see what's right in front of you, that thing/person/dream job/whatever, that is your 'dream house', why would you ever settle for anything less than that? 

The Oddest Post I've Ever Written (and it's not even clever)

This is the fourth post I've started today. I just can't figure out what I want to say. Maybe it's because I'm just feeling all mixed up, and I don't know where to start. Or maybe because it's late.  In any case, there's a bunch of stuff on my mind (as per usual). I wish my brain had a better way of storing stuff. It could organize it like a library: by genre, author, title, etc. Or, it could do it chronologically. Or, like in iTunes, and list things by how often you think about them. Anything would be better than it's current system: think about everything all at once so that everything is all swirled together. Because that system makes my brain hurt. What have I been thinking about, that causes all this confusion? In no particular system of organization: 

-I'm hungry. Probably because I had a doughnut for dinner. 
-I'm not very comfortable in this chair. 
-I shouldn't be so passive-aggressive all the time. 
-Maybe I should have stayed in Provo for the summer. 
-I wish I was on set right NOW. 
-Making a movie is so much work, I'm never going through that again. 
-Hmmm, I just found out a bunch of film friends have blogs and update them regularly. Maybe I should tell them I've been stalking their, that would be creepy. 
-Maybe they'll be okay with my creepiness. 
-Why can't I ever tell people how I feel? 
-I'm going to London if I have to hide in a crate with a Bengal tiger. 
-Do I even know what I'm feeling? 
-Where do all these thoughts COME from? 
-Is it too late to have dinner? 
-The tiger would eat you, stupid. 

I'm still not happy with this post. I haven't been able to say what I want to in a sneaky, camouflaged, metaphorical way. So I didn't say it at all. 

I wish I had your skills. 

I wish I knew what you meant. 


Well, I was going to write a rather depressed post, but I just got back from a I don't feel all Debbie Downer any more. Instead, I'll write about my summer stats, and save the sad post for another day. 

Culinary Skills: Intermediate 
-chocolate cake
-cinnamon coffee cake
-lemon meringue pie 
-post roast 

Organizational Behavior: Beginner 
-bedroom half organized 
-multiple laundry loads done 
-half of belongings still in living room 

Health: Intermediate
-short distance runs: 2 
-movement to vegetarian diet 

Writing Abilities: Intermediate 
-short stories: 1 
-short screenplays started: 6
-short screenplays completed: 0
-film festivals entered: 0 

Mental Library Aquired: Literate 
-"The Loner" by An Author I'm Too Lazy To Look Up 
-currently reading: "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Magician's Nephew" by C. S. Lewis 

Love and Romance: Warrior 
-summer flings: 0
-breakup recovery status: 68% complete 

You're Welcome, World

Guys, this is important. Well, it's important to me, anyway.

Lately, I've had really good ideas spring into my mind. Fantastic stories that need to be developed. Interesting ideas that would make really good blog posts. Catchy lines and interesting phrases, just waiting to be said. But they always come at the most inopportune times. And by that, I mean when I'm without paper and pen.

So I have a new resolution. I'm going to try to always have something to write with close at hand. That way, more of my creative genius can be recorded. You're welcome.