On This, the Day of Thanksgiving...

I am thankful for:

0. The Gospel.
1. My family.
2. My friends.
3. Luke.
4. Canada.
5. Chocolate.
6. BYU
7. Being a film student.
8. Beatles Rockband.

Luke is Awesome Because....

1. He's crazy smart, and can figure out just about anything. Like, this one time, he fixed his car with a paper clip.
2. He works hard at whatever he does. He doesn't do something halfway. He'll work until it's all the way done.
3. He can be just as silly and crazy as me.
4. He's much more levelheaded than I am. It takes a lot to get him upset and stressed, whereas I panic at the drop of a hat.
5. He's stable. I know I can count on him. Always. He's there when I need him, and that's more important to me than anything.
6. He's so supportive of everything I do.
7. We can talk for hours about the craziest, randomest, stupidest things.
8. He's the kindest guy I know. He never says anything bad about anyone, and helps people when they need it.
9. He's just so great to be around!!
10. He loves me, and I know he loves me for who I am. And I love him too. He's the awesomest person I know.

My Weekend Away

I just got back from one of the greatest weekends ever. And when I say just, I mean a few days ago. Luke took me home to meet his parents/see his house/get out of Provo. It was fantastic! Mike and Katie came with us, which made the trip. I couldn't have asked for better company. Highlights of the trip include:
-driving around in the dark in rural Idaho.
-meeting Luke's parents (who are absolutely amazing. They are some of the nicest people I know, and I'm so grateful for them and their hospitality)
-meeting Luke's goats
-driving around seeing all the places where Luke grew up (which was great!)
-drinking wassail and sitting in front of a fire while playing cards with some of my very favourite people
-"kitten piles" and "ya'll be frontin'" and "you....are a goat".
-riding in a Model T
-watching Mike and Luke push the T up a rather snowy hill.
-homemade ice cream at Grandma's

There was a lot more, but this plus Facebook pictures gives you a pretty good idea. I can't wait to go back!

A Nice Metallic Slice of Irony

It's that time in the semester when you procrastinate homework with....other homework. And during this particular instance, I found that my professor has scheduled a lecture entitled " 'Why am I Doing This?' and and other things to ponder as your stressful semester continues on its merry way" for the Wednesday of Thanksgiving break.