My Spring To-Do List

  • clean up our backyard
  • go on a trip
  • plant some things in our little garden 
  • clean out the car 
  • buy some Girl Scout cookies
  • buy some fresh flowers 
  • go on some picnics 
  • take more walks 
  • clean out my closet to make room so I can...
  • buy some fun spring clothes
  • keep working through my goo stash
  • open the windows

If I'm still feeling ambitious after all that, I want to: 

  • clean up my desk
  • put some new curtains in the living room and kitchen 
  • do some serious spring cleaning 
  • decorate my kitchen 

What I Learned While Working Today

So it turns out that there is no difference between whiskey and scotch. It's all in the location. In fact, it goes kind of like this: 

Scotch is to whiskey


Champaign is to sparkling wine

Just don't ask about bourbon, gin, and tequila. I'm still trying to figure those ones out. 

What I'm Watching: Online TV Version

You know how there's some shows, and no matter how many times you watch them, you still love it? You never get tired of the characters or plot or dialog, even if you've already seen each episode 20 times? There are a handful of shows that I feel that way about. Here's what I'm watching over and over again. 

The Office 

I'm sure this will come as a surprise to no one. I post clips and pictures here all the time. I often quote it in real life, too. There's just something about the way the characters are set up that I love. They all seem real to me; they have clear motivations, interests, and back stories. Most of the time, there's good development in ways that make sense. Plus, it's hilarious. It always picks me up when I'm in a bad mood. And the best part, every season is on Netflix {not counting the current season that's running on TV}. 

Gilmore Girls 

Again, this should come as no surprise. I've been watching this show for years. I love the characters, and most of the plot. I think the writing is very clever, and that it is very well performed. While it can be dramatic, there are lots of lighthearted moments, and some downright funny scenes. It has a bit of everything, which is why I find it so appealing. I have six of seven seasons on DVD {the last one doesn't exist, in my opinion}, and sometimes I watch them online, too. My favourite thing about the show, I think, is the one liners.

Fawlty Towers 

Those who are well versed in British TV comedy should be familiar with this John Cleese hilarity. It's one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. It's about a hotel owner who hates people, and his wife, who hates him. Filled with dark British humour and witticisms, it will keep you entertained for days. Keep in mind, it is dark British humour, and can be wildly inappropriate. But that's the best part. I believe it's on Netflix instant streaming. Or you can suck it up and buy it (because it's only one season long)

The Big Bang Theory 

I didn't start watching this show until it had run through a few seasons. But it's very witty, and the characters are interesting. Sometimes it can feel like the same jokes are being played over and over. But every so often, a line is delivered with the perfect comedic timing, and it's just hilarious. If you watch carefully, you can actually learn some sciency stuff, too.