The Big News: New York City

Big news!  I've been sitting on this sort-of secret for awhile now, but since it's official, I can say this with confidence. We're going to be living in New York City for a few months at the start of next year!

The long story is that Luke's company, Owlet, is enrolled in a training program based in NYC.  Okay, so maybe it's not that long of a story. But it's been in the works for several months now, so it feels like a long story. To me, at least. 

At this point, though, we don't have a whole lot planned. We'll probably end up renting a small apartment in Greenwich Village while we're there, although this is still up for debate.  We know we're going out sometime the first week of January, and will finish up and move back the first week of March {yes, Utah friends, we will be back}.

I'm excited for this. Living in a new city, especially one as big and exciting as New York is going to be fantastic. I've already started a list of all the places to see, stores to shop at, and restaurants to eat at. But I'd be lying if I didn't say I am also a bit nervous. We have so much to do before we go, plus it's a huge city I've never been to. 

In the meantime, I'll be packing up our apartment in Provo, trying to figure out what to put in storage and what to bring with us, and learning as much as I can about living in The Big Apple. Starting with why they call it The Big Apple. 

Where I Belong

I haven't posted in a while. And I want to. But I'm also supposed to be writing for work. So here is a small distraction, while still being work-related. Sort of. Okay, not really work related. But it's important anyway. 

I'm still trying to figure out where I really belong.