April Recap

Oh man, blogging fail! More than a month between posts! I wish I could say that it was fun things keeping me away, but it was just boring life stuff. Enough about my blogger's guilt - on to the recap! 

April started out great because my mom was in town! She came down for a long weekend. We got to hang out and chat, try some new recipes, have Easter dinner together, go shopping, and head to a family lecture. We didn't take any pictures together while she was here, but I like to thing that was because we were too busy having fun. I get this pic of her poor phone: 


After getting to visit for almost a week, mom headed home, and I dived into a huge work project. It only wrapped up the middle of last week, which is a huge relief to me. Now I get to catch up on everything that fell through the cracks. Yippee! 

I did drag Luke up to Thanksgiving Point to see the Tulip Festival. That really deserves it's own post, but here's a little teaser: 

My sister-in-law {Luke's sister} ran the Boston marathon this year. I am SO proud of her, and I wish we could've been in Boston to cheer her on. 


For the first time this year {that I can recall, at least}, I actually tried a new recipe. Mom helped me plan and cook Easter dinner, and we made lemon herb potatoes, maple glazed carrots, and a really great broccoli salad that I can't find the recipe for. It was so simple to make: toss broccoli, cauliflower, red pepper, yellow pepper, cubed cheese, and green onions in ranch dressing using your preferred quantities of each. 

I also finished reading One More Thing, which I think is my favourite book of short stories ever.   

I saw this tutorial for cloth napkins on Pinterest, and I thought, I must make these immediately! So I bought some fabric, and that's as far as I've gotten. Ah well.

... and that wraps up April!