Well, I'm Behind

My reading list is suffering greatly. Due to finals, finals being over, and trying to figure out how to get by for the rest of the summer, the list has been pushed to the back burner.  I feel terrible about that. And I blame Emma. I really tried to read it. But it's a slower book, and very long. And it set me back. So I have set it aside, and moved on to Atonement. I'm nearly done (only 60 pages or so left), so expect a post on that sometime soon. 

And I think I shall watch Emma, and count that. Afterall, Austin adaptations are usually very close.  

Book: The Time Traveller's Wife

So, it's been a while since I read this. I just put off doing a post, I guess. Probably because I'm lazy. But I'll share with you now. Although I'm still lazy, so it's coming at you in bullet points. 
Pro's: entertaining
          easy read 
          sweet love story 
          two different story lines (his and hers) kept things interesting and unique 

Con's: confusing plot 
           over-sexed (an affair, over description of romantic moments, you get the idea)
           the ending is very odd 

Overall, I'm glad I read it. I have plans to watch the movie and see how it compares to the book. However, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. If you want to read it, I'll say "great!" but I'm not saying "everyone should read this book". 

And now you know. 

Oh Dear, I'm One of THEM (kind of)

I think I've turned into a Mormon Crafter. I've joined Pinterest, I spend my time making things and using my paper cutter. My shopping trips are to Michael's and Joann, rather than the mall, Old Navy, and the cupcake store. If I had an adorable baby, I'd be all set. Oh, and I'd need one of those fancy cameras to document every project I make. Since I have neither of those things, I guess I'm not there yet. 

I'm okay with being the artsy, faux-punk, film major that I am. Just don't expect me to start posting pictures of my craftiness. 

Creative Outlet

So. I joined Pinterest. I think I'm saying it wrong in my head. And I'm still trying to get used to it (as in, I'm taking images mercilessly without leaving any credit). But it's fun. And there's so much, I have no idea where to get started. And everything is artsy and hipster and awesome. It's just hard to know where to start. 

But I'm loving looking through other people's inspiration, and seeing how people I don't know very well have the same interests and likes that I do. There's so much there to get the creative juices flowing. Just recently I've rediscovered how much I love creating with my hands. Sure, writing is fantastic, too. But there's just something about finishing up a little project that makes me so happy. 


....the more that I think about it, the more I want to learn French. 

French, etc...

You know that scene in The Parent Trap (the newer one with Lindsey Lohan) where she gets angry and starts yelling in French? I wish I knew another language so I could yell when I'm upset about something and no one would be able to understand what I'm saying. But that would be an awful lot of effort. And I don't get angry very often. 

Also, I am currently missing: 

image via Google Image Search 

I'd yell in British, but that's not a foreign language. 

The Pictures, Part II

Okay, so I can't help it. I need to show you more. And then more in a few days. 

The Pictures, Part I

Hey guys.... guess what? I have something to show you. 

I get the rest on Friday. I'm so excited! Debbie Thomas took our engagements, and she did a fantastic job. I can't wait to see the others!