Some days I actually get things done. Today happened to be one of those days. I actually got up and showered. And I have this new shampoo that smells AMAZING. And I cleaned my house (mopped and everything). And I styled my hair and made dinner. 

Now that I write it all out, it doesn't sound so impressive. Rats. 

Thoughts From 3 in the Morning

- I should have a catch phrase. I think this might be my closest one....

- being in nursery is hazardous. I got peed on today. SO THRILLED. 

- Best date night: Chuck-a-rama and then Gilmore Girls. Seriously, the best. 

- I really love owls. And Hyperbole and a Half. 

- Chocolate really isn't the best midnight snack. 

- I'm sick. I've got some kind of bug that makes me feel like I'm dying. 

- Staying awake all night is the closest I will ever come to knowing what a hangover feels like. And if this is what it's like, I don't see the appeal to imbibing. Ever. 

- I have really tall ceilings in this house. I should get a chandelier. 

- Why can't we spell chandelier phonetically? Shandileer?  

- Spray cheese is gross. 

- You know how you have those moments that are all "hello destiny, thanks for knocking. I'm sure glad I opened the door, rather than rolling around on the floor like a ninja"? I had one of those just now. 

- I want garlic bread. 

- By the time I finished this, it was 3am anymore. 

What I'm Watching: The Social Network

Yesterday we got The Social Network in the mail (yay Netflix). So we watched for FHE. 

I know it's supposed to be fantastic and breakthrough-ish and all that. It probably did well at the Oscars (I should know, I suppose). But I couldn't watch it. It was terrible. I guess I don't care for films about privileged white males arguing about who deserves all those millions of dollars.  Since every character is based on someone in real life (ahhhh, the biopic), it would stand to reason that the characters were relatable and well, you know, real. But they weren't. To me, none of them seemed developed, and I didn't care about any of them at all. 

In fact, we didn't even finish the movie, it was that bad. It was a bunch of lawyer scenes cut with flashbacks. Despite the fact that the order in which things happen is super important to the story line, I felt that there wasn't any order at all. Perhaps that was because I tuned out about 30 minutes in, because it was a bunch of boys yelling at each other about who was better/smarter/had the idea. 

It was just really, really awful. No identifiable characters and a story that few people really care about.  Not my kind of movie. 

Because the Last Two Days Have Been Really Great

Sunday: Luke and I spend our first week teaching in nursery. It went better than expected because we had help. And less kids than there usually are. No one threw any toys, and there was only one case of partial nudity. A lot of shoes were taken off, however.  Later we got together with some friends and had a great time. 

Monday: I actually woke up on time and managed to make Luke a lunch before sending him off to school/work. Sometimes I'm actually a good wife. And I even actually cleaned our apartment. Not that it ever is really dirty, I just don't clean every day. So things kind of pile up.   We also have these movable closets that we set up to divide our apartment in half (since we live in a studio and there are no walls....).  Their backs were facing our living room and were made of this awful cardboard/wood combination. So yesterday we covered them up with "wall paper", also known as wrapping paper. Which works really well as wall paper, in case anyone wanted to know. So now our room looks classy, and not so awkward. 

Ginger Ale

I made ginger ale today. That sounds so fancy. And I felt fancy mixing it up and stirring it in a glass. And then I tasted it. 

Let's just say I'll leave that particular beverage to the people behind Canada Dry. 

Things the Professional Bloggers Don't Want You to Know About Cupcakes

I took this. You can see a bit of my house in the background. 

1. You can make perfectly fine cupcakes with a boxed mix. Just mix it a little longer and it'll be extra fluffy. 
2. Make sure you have enough cupcake liners. If you don't, don't overfill other liners to compensate. Because then, you have mega-cakes that spill on the bottom of your oven. 
3. Be careful when taking pans out of the oven. Otherwise you'll stick your thumb in the middle of a cupcake and ruin it. 
4. Frosting, no matter what recipe you use, will not work out in your favour. It will be too sweet and too buttery and will separate. 
5. Don't overfrost your cupcakes. Otherwise you will look at them, and go into a diabetic coma. 
6. Be careful of the bowl you use to make said frosting. Don't EVER use a shallow one, unless you want your entire kitchen dusted with icing sugar. 

Results of sugar explosion. 

To Know Me is to Pin Me

I'm having a hard time forming a real post, so I'm sharing with you my favourite pin from each pin board I have on Pinterest. You can see what else I've pinned by clicking this

Caveat: None of these images are mine. They are all taken from Pinterest. Original links found there. 

Delicious Things: Andes Mints cupcakes 

Projects: DIY bathroom accessories 

My Future Home: What I want my future home to look like 

The Reading List: The Glass Castle (I'm about to read it)

My Style: Comfort 

Journals: Good idea for art journal

Good Ideas: Rosemary Lemon room freshener 

Because It's Lovely:  London in the Rain 

Get It Together: A favourite quote of mine 
via Theo

I Have a Crush On:   The Fab Four 

Trips to Take:  San Fransisco 

The Cinema: Moulin Rouge (a favourite)

OWLS: Hipster Owl (this is my favourite board) 

Words: Thin Mint Cat 

Someday I'll Be a Mom: Onsie 

A Mid-Winter's Day Run

I'm crazy.  It's okay if you think so, too; one of my new year's goals is to get back in shape. I want to focus more on flexibility and yoga and that sort of thing, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to boost my cardio workouts, too.  So today I went on a run. 

I've never been a very good runner. In elementary school we had to run cross country trails for gym class (which I always hated).  Then in junior high, we had track and field day, which we would spend months preparing for. High school "phys ed" had timed runs, and those were the worst. But those were all forced upon me.  Today, I brought it upon myself.  

During college, I've had various delusions that running would actually be a good thing. And for a while, it was. I'd run a few blocks and feel pretty good. I would like to point out that all my running previous to today was on flat sidewalks. Turns out that when I moved a few months ago, my new house is secretly part of the Appalachian mountain range. So naive little me starts out, and encountered hills for the first time since grade 3. 

My legs are like cooked spaghetti.  And it hurts to cough. Stupid hills. 

Resolutions, of Sorts

I have tried and tried to write this post. It's about resolutions. I'm having a hard time with them. Partly because I don't like the word "resolution".  To me, it sounds like "absolute", so once I change, I'm stuck that way. So I thought I'd set some goals. But I'm so far from the person I want to be, that I'd categorized and organized my life as if it were a college course. And I don't want my life to be like that. 

Then I thought I would find inspiration by puddling around online, seeing what how my friends and other blogggers were setting up their resolutions. It seems as though every one is making 2012 the year to change everything about their lives. I decided I just want to enjoy it.  So I made some goals to help me live this year to the fullest. 

* try one new restaurant a month
* do more yoga and increase my flexibility
* eat healthier and more natural food 
* write in my journal more often
* go on a vacation with Luke (somewhere we can take the train) 
* take more photographs
* take some online classes, to stay sharp 
* submit some writing to film festivals 

All I really want is a fun year with lots of memories. So a year from now, I can look back at all the good times.