From time to time I get interesting emails. Today was no exception. 

The subject line read "You May Be in Contact With a Known Criminal!". Thinking I may be in some kind of danger, I opened it (being careful not to click on any attachments, of course). 

Turns out it was an offer for some web service that does background checks, rather than a list of names (which I was expecting).  Strangely enough, I feel disappointed. 

A New Look

So I decided something. I needed a new look for my blog. The other one, the one with London on it, was really great. But I started feeling like it was too much white space. It was too blank. Now I've got this one. I'm hoping that by changing the look, it'll spark more creativity, and I'll be more inclined to write here. And they will be more uplifting than my last few posts.

Weigh in, friends. How's it look?

I Have the BEST Husband

No really. I do. I don't mean to be all sappy or anything, but he's really great. For instance,  yesterday I was sick, so he made me orange juice AND he made me a delicious grilled cheese-with-tomato sandwich. And then we had brownies (that he made from scratch). He even gave me a back rub. 

See? The best.  

If Only...

If I had all the time in the world, I would sit down, and make a long list of all the recipes and projects that I found on Pinterest. Then, I would take one mega-trip to the craft store (possible several). Then one looooong trip to the grocery store. Then I would come home and put all my things away. Once that was done, I would start with Item One, gather my supplies, then sit at my desk, turn on The Office, and work and create and be artsy.

She's a Rebel/She's a Saint

I'm drinking Dr. Pepper (non-caffeine free) in the library. Shhhh. It's a secret.  And procrastinating my midterm. 

I'd appreciate it if you'd keep both of these on the down-low.  

I'm So Crafty

I made something today. Go me! I "upcycled" (a popular phrase among the crafting community lately) a sweater into....a sweater. I took an Old Navy sweater, bright blue,  and made it into a cover for my Mac. It only took me 893,756,204 hours to do it, too. Okay, not really. But it did take 7 episodes of The Office. But now it's done, it has sparkly buttons, and it fits pretty good. And I didn't even stab my fingers. 

Leftover Thoughts

Snippits from my week:

The perfect day includes cuddling with a puppy while watching The Office re-runs (especially Beach Day and the one with the bat). It also includes cookies and cream milkshakes, cupcakes that are half cake-half frosting, Dr. Pepper, and a fluffy blanket. And possibly a project to tackle.

It's too early for winter. Also, I'll need more winter clothes if it is.

Studio apartments are not as glamorous as I thought they were. At least, studios in Orem.

The Hippest of the Hip

Well, here I am. A full fledged hipster. It's true. It all began when Luke bought me the computer I've been longing for. I now have a MacBook Pro.  It is sleek and shiny. It runs so smooth. It is a lot less clunky to carry around. It works so much better for me. I love having many things open, without sacrificing speed. It also doesn't take decades to open a program. And with the fantastic internet at our house, it's like pure magic. Netflix really does stream instantly; whole pages load in micro-seconds (nano-seconds? Regular seconds? It's fast).

Also, I now have a men's shirt. I'm fairly certain that wearing men's clothing makes me a hipster, especially when it's plaid and I wear it with skinny jeans. And converse. Now I just need some glasses.

Today I'm wearing a hoodie. With the hood on my head and bangs in my face. No one has to know I'm listening to pop music on my iPod. And by pop I mean Ke$ha.