Life Goals

I like setting goals! Here's what's on my long-term life list: 

  1. Graduate from BYU  {April 21, 2012}
  2. Win a scriptwriting contest. 
  3. Read The Fountainhead. {started Summer 2010}
  4. Watch Yellowcard perform live  {June 16, 2012}
  5. Work on a major motion picture
  6. Learn 10 songs on the guitar
  7. Organize my iTunes 
  8. Learn enough phrases in another language to travel around and not die
  9. Go skinny dipping 
  10. Get a Macbook Pro  {Sept. 20th, 2011}
  11. Shower under a waterfall. 
  12. Buy a new cell phone. {February, 2012}
  13. Ride in a private plane. 
  14. Identify 100 specific things that make me happy. 
  15. Adopt a dog from a shelter. 
  16. Get married {August 20th, 2011}
  17. Have a punk band write a song about me. 
  18. Bake something decadent. 
  19. Go on a cruise. 
  20. Learn to skateboard. 
  21. Ultra organize my room. 
  22. Complete my reading list {see my reading list page} 
  23. Complete "1001 Movies You Must See Before you Die" 
  24. Live in my dream house 
  25. Travel around Europe 
  26. Live in London for a time {July 2009} 
  27. Travel to Paris 
  28. Travel to Rome 
  29. Watch something at the Sundance Film Festival 
  30. Do a pull-up
  31. Learn a second language {Either Spanish, French, Danish, or Italian}
  32. Receive an honorary degree 
  33. Live in New York City 
That's all I've got for now. Check back later for more.