Moving Past

For the past....too long to count, I've felt like I'm just flailing around. I've had no purpose, no drive, nothing to work towards.  Sure, from time to time I'll make a little progress; I'll decide to take up running, or start a project that I really enjoy. But those things aren't helping me move forward with my life. Sure, it may stretch me in some small new way, but really, it's not helping me move on. 

Yesterday, I think things might have changed a little. 

We signed a contract for a new house. It's a step up, for sure. Not that we're living in squalor, but it's a small studio apartment, far from campus and our friends. Now, though, we'll be able to walk to campus, to some of our favourite restaurants, to see our friends, even to the grocery store. We will be back in a neighbourhood with people similar in age and our stage in life. Plus, this place has a dishwasher, a laundry system, multiple rooms, and lots of storage options. 

And then, we got tickets for the Vans Warped Tour. It kicks off in SLC in June, and we're going! I've wanted to go for years. It's a huge step out of my comfort zone, but it feels like the right step.  As a bonus, my favourite band is headlining the show {I don't know if bands really 'headline' at Warped, but that's what I'm telling myself}. 

I'm feeling much better about my life. I'm moving forward, I have things to look forward to, things to plan for. I won't be stuck here forever. Things may not be perfect, but they're moving in the way I want them to. I can't really ask for more than that. 

Trendy Things I Hate

Disembodied mustaches - seriously, this trend can die. Mustaches are cool on old cowboys, Harley drivers, and my dad. That is all. A felt one on a stick so you can take a dumb engagement photo? Stupid. Made of chocolate on top of my cupcake? Sure, I'll eat it {because it's chocolate}, but it's also very stupid. On a pacifier for my baby? Are you an idiot?

Homemade DIY Everything, even when it costs more and takes more time to make it yourself things - for reals, there is no point to homemade shaving cream when it involves 4 "ingredients" and 20 minutes. Just buy the shaving cream! How much is it, like $2? Also, it suddenly isn't "natural" shaving cream if you're using dollar store hair conditioner, just because you made it yourself. 

"Pops" - mostly cake pops or cookie pops. It's a mini-mini cupcake. I need, like, 10 of them in order to feel satisfied. Plus, the sticks are always sooooo  long, and the little morsel at the end falls off before I can eat it. 


A New Song!

This is my most favourite cover of this song. Of course, this is the only cover I've heard {not counting Glee}. I just love Hayley Williams. And the BBC. 

A Birthday!

Today is Luke's birthday! Happy 25th, love!

And yes, these all have me, too. But I don't have any recent ones of just him.

Engagement pic

At a family reunion

After watching Avatar on Valentine's Day, 2010


Luke and I have started geocaching. Basically, it's like a global treasure hunt. Anyone can hide a small box of "treasure" and then write down the co-ordinates. Then they post those to a website, where people like us look them up and track them down. 

Today we found one at an abandoned mine today, which was really fun. And last week we found some in a dodgy alley, a lamp post, and in a parking lot. 

Top 5: The Reading List

Choosing only five books is going to be hard.  But let it be noted that this is not a summer reading list. This is only the books currently pinned on my Pinterest board. I'll do a reading list a bit later. 

1. 1001 Books to Read Before You Die 
          Is it cheating to start with this one? Really, it's a thousand and one books. I'm interested to see what books make it to the "must read" list; how many are classics vs. how many are modern. Most interesting will be to see how many I've read {my guess is not very many}. 

2. The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
          I started reading this two summers ago. But it's such a huge book, it took me all summer, and I still didn't finish it. Although that's probably due to the fact that I wasn't totally invested in it. I'm a fast reader, I swear. Except when a book doesn't hold my interest.  

3. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? {And Other Concerns} by Mindy Kaling 
          I just finished this book last week. I've been dying to read it forever. It was great. I really love Mindy. I identify with her a lot {except for the fact that I'm not Indian, or working at my dream job right now}. Seriously, it's awesome, and I recommend it as a fun summer read. 

4. Caps for Sale  by Esphyr Slobodkina
          This books was a big part of my childhood; my nana used to read it to me. I love the illustrations and the sneaky monkeys.  Plus, it's just fun and silly.  

5.  He's a Stud, She's a Slut, and 49 Other Double Standards Every Woman Should Know by Jessica Valenti 
          If you know me, this list wouldn't be complete without some kind of feminist reading. I love the idea behind this book - just because we think that men and women are equal, doesn't mean that there's really truly equality between the sexes. The title of this book shows that. I haven't read this yet, but I really really really want to. 

**I didn't include hyper links for the source of the pictures, because you're all smart people who can google book titles to find a cover **

I Always...

... toss and turn for an hour before I fall asleep. 

... stick with my shower routine {wash hair, wash face, condition, shave, wash self, wash out conditioner, stand under hot water until it runs out}

... check too many books out of the library, don't finish reading them all, and end up renewing them until I can't anymore. Then they end up overdue. 

...wait too long to do laundry. I come up with some creative outfits on laundry day, let me tell you. a good cupcake. 

...wear what I think looks good, whether or not other people do. 

...giggle at this.

Sunday Bits

Made: Roasted red pepper pasta
          Took forever to make.  But turned out really well. Husband liked it, too. I found it on Pinterest. Usually when I make something I find, it doesn't work. This time, huzzah! 

Experienced: Nursery, for the 4th week in a row
          It's a good thing some of those kids are so cute. That's all I have to say. 

Created: Dr. Pepper italian soda
          Cup of ice. Dr. Pepper. Half and half. Divine. 

Excited: Sale at Michaels
          I'm scrapbooking my London experience. I ran of out paper. Tomorrow it goes on sale.  I feel like an old lady, watching for sales. But I needs my paper, dangit! 

Books: Bossypants, Pink Think, and More

My writing has been suffering. I haven't created anything new in months. They teach you that in order to be a good writer, you need to be a good reader. So I took it to heart. 

I read Bossypants, Tina Fey's first book. It was clever and engaging. It told of her struggles and how she really had to work to get to where she is today. I loved it. It was funny. She told things as they really are. She was open and honest. She was inappropriate in hilarious ways. I highly recommend it. 

I read Pink Think, a text book of sorts, which took a look at how the standards for a "proper woman" were created through culture from 1930-1970ish, and how that has affected us today.  The essence of the books was what "pink think" was - the impossible standards that were set before women; clean the house in pearls and heels, don't make conversation with your husband (it bores him), motherhood is the height of a woman's sexuality and the only way to realize your womanhood, domesticity is where it's at, etc. 

The book was eye opening, without condemning women who believed that pink products would make her more ladylike, or mocking the culture that created the unobtainable stereotype. Again, a highly recommended read. 

I read Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other Concerns), written by Mindy Kaling, writer of my favourite show The Office. An easy read, I polished it off after dinner tonight. Entertaining, engaging, Mindy comes off as someone instantly relatable. I feel as though I ought to have more intelligent things to say about it. But it was a lighthearted read. I could tell she had fun writing it. And getting a little insight into the life of a TV writer is very interesting. 

Fun fact: Mindy and I have the same computer. And love of cupcakes. 

I feel as though I should close with some witty statement in order to wrap up this almost-book review. How about I say this: I miss having elementary and high school reading assignments. I miss the easy book report. I miss reading something challenging, then having a teacher explain what it really means. I've forgotten how good it feels to finally understand what "allegory" means and then to see it written and have a new meaning to a favourite book. I miss being the only one not grossed out by the ending of The Grapes of Wrath, because I saw the deeper meaning. 

Reading is more than just a pastime for me. 


The other night I had a dream that I went to a nail salon to get a manicure. But I got there too late, and they gave my spot away. 

Ever since then, I've been dying to head to the spa.