Someone Woke Up in Project Mode

I got so much done today! I've been wanting to get started with spring cleaning, and I finally got things going. Here's what I got done...

1. Pulled all the blankets, sheets, and mattress pad off the bed. 
2. Washed the sheets and pillows
3. Cleaned the bathroom
4. Washed blankets
5. Reorganized some kitchen cupboards
6. Cleaned out the fridge
7. Cleaned out the sink
8. Washed the mattress pad

I still need to go to the grocery store, hang some pictures, make the bed, and design some fliers for church. But it's been a pretty good day.

How I'm Taking Care of Myself

I set a new year's resolution to become more active and to lose a certain amount of weight. Well, after almost 3 months of going to the gym, I have not seen much of a change. So I'm going to start switching things up a bit. Here are my new goals: 

-on days when I go to the gym, I'll be doing interval training, rather than keeping a steady pace the whole time {I use the elliptical}

-on non-gym days, I'll work on strength training and stretching. {I love this website for the wide variety of workouts} 

-ideally, I would some some yoga every day, but that isn't always possible. So I'm aiming for at least 4 days a week {I practice at home, with instruction from here

- I found a place online that will calculate your daily recommended nutrients. I know it will take some careful calculating, but I hope to get better about actually eating healthy, instead of just within a certain amount of calories {you can calculate your own nutrition needs here}

I know that change doesn't come overnight. But I was hoping to be a bit further along than I currently am. So hopefully this will make a difference. 

P.S. I know there are a lot of links in this post. It's not sponsored or anything, I just wanted to share the sites that I like using. 

All Caught Up {I Think}

Despite the fact that it's April, I'm in my furry vest, with a blanket, and hot chocolate, trying to stay warm. 

Utah springs aren't much of springs at all.

Almost Caught Up...

Okay, other things to catch up with...

I came home from my trip. I had two-ish days, and then we were off to visit with Luke's family for a weekend. We had a great time, and got to celebrate two birthdays. I had made plans to sort-of get some projects done while we were there, but instead I just enjoyed relaxing with family. Luke and his dad fixed our car, so that's something. 

When we got back Sunday night, I was exhausted. Travelling can sure take a lot out of you, even if you're only going short distances. At least our car is working now. Did I mention that before? A few weeks ago our car stopped working. But it's fixed now. 

Now that our travelling is done for a while, I get to go back to real life. That means the gym. And last week was the worst. Normally I don't mind going. Sometimes I'm even excited. But not lately. 

Along with our upstairs neighbors, we're starting a garden! I'm really looking forward to having fresh vegetables right outside my door. And I'm also excited that I won't have to do all the work myself.

Perhaps these recaps are only interesting to me. Sorry folks. Maybe someday I'll have interesting things to say. But probably not. Writing about my real life is the easiest thing to write about. 

My Trip Home

Did you like how I wrote a post about catching up, and then didn't write for almost a week? Sorry about that. Time has just been getting away from me lately. So, here's what's been going on. 

Almost two weeks ago, I went home. My little brother came home from his mission, and I really wanted to see him again. My dad was super awesome, and helped me pay for a plane ticket. Usually when I go home, I drive. But since I had to make the trip myself, flying was much safer than driving for 12 hours all by my self. Can I just say how awesome it is to go home in less than a day? Seriously. It's the best. 

Being home was great. I didn't get a lot accomplished, but I got in some good family time. And some good sleeping. Because I'm lazy. I also got attacked by a glass of ginger beer. It's a good story, although kind of embarrassing  Essentially, I drank too much beer too fast, and I developed a cough. Then it morphed into a cold, and I'm still sick. Rats.

Another highlight was taking my brother shopping for some real clothes. He's not much of a shopper, but he needed some new things pretty badly. My sister and I drug him all over, and he got a bit cranky. But we were in public, so he couldn't get too upset. 

Although I love my husband, and love my friends in Provo, leaving home is always hard. Hopefully I'll be back this summer (with Luke) for an extended trip. For real though. There is nothing better than a Southern Alberta sunset. Or spring. Or summer. Or anything. 

I suppose that in a post about seeing my brother, I should have written about him a bit more. Here's all you need to know, really. He's been gone for 2 years, and hasn't changed a bit. Not a bit. I'm not particularly surprised. 

I've Been Away

I haven't posted in quite a while. And I sort of have reasons as to why that happened. At first, nothing was happening in my life that was worth writing about .Then, there were suddenly a lot of things that were happening, that I probably should have written down. Now I'm not sure if I want to write a huge post about everything, do a quick skim, or break it down into a few different posts. 

Honestly, I don't want to do anything, because I'm lazy. And we're up in Bear Lake, and I don't have to spend the weekend in the basement. 

I'll probably post in a few installment over the weekend. Perhaps I'll even get myself caught up. Who knows.