I Hate You

Just when I think that maybe winter isn't so bad, the clouds send forth freezing rain, making my driveway and all the sidewalks into skating rinks. 

I slipped. Thrice. 

Winter, I hate you, and I can't wait until March. 

Are You Currently Pregnant?

Alternate title: The Final Stage

Well, folks, it finally happened. I am a permanent resident. After months of nervous anticipation, I am a legal resident of the United States. 

We had our final interview on Wednesday morning. I'd done a bit of research into what the process would be like, but I still wasn't quite sure what to expect. We got to the government building, went through security, and checked in. 

Ten minutes later we were meeting our interviewer as he led us back to his office. While he seemed nice, he also didn't seem very approachable. We sat down at his desk, and he pulled out my file. Guys, it was huuuuuuge. I'd forgotten how much paperwork we had sent in, plus all the papers and forms had been added to it since (by office workers, case workers, I don't even know who else). 

Then the questions. He started out with an easy one: when is your spouse's birthday? Then he asked Luke what day we got married. After he verified our phone numbers and social security numbers, he asked if we had ever been married before or had any kids. Since neither of us had, that was pretty easy. Then, I had to answer the strangest question of the interview: 

Are you currently pregnant? 

I am not. 

I then pulled out some documents proving that we are living together like a married couple - our rental agreement, a bank statement, wedding announcement, other pictures of us together, and our Netflix envelopes. He asked if we had anything else, like a Costco membership. Since we're poor college kids, we don't have anything like that. He must have figured that since neither of us had any real money or status, the marriage was legit. 

He handed me a congratulations page (it's yellow, in case you were wondering), and that was it. He went over a few things concerning the next stage of the process, but that's not for two years. 

And that's it. I'm allowed to live here and work here without fear of getting deported. I can come and go as I please. And it's a pretty good feeling. 


For the most part, the past year has been pretty stress-free. I finished school last December, and so I stayed at home and ... well ... didn't do very much. I volunteered on a few film projects, deep cleaned our apartment, but I wasn't working, so there wasn't much for me to do. Finally, in August, when I filed all the paperwork {it always comes back to the %@*# paperwork}, that's when my stress began. 

Suddenly there were more things to file, appointments to make and keep, jobs to find and keep, and now that we finally are going to the interview, my stress level is pretty high. I'm not saying this for sympathy; I'm saying it because it's true and so when I look back on this some day, I won't say "boy, getting a Green Card wasn't as stressful as the movies make it seem". It is every bit as panic inducing as The Proposal. At least I know that I didn't get married just for the status change.  

Tomorrow, after the interview, there will be nothing left but waiting for the actual card itself to come in the mail. Unless we fail, then there will be another interview and who knows what else. 

Incidentally, today is the first time I've ever experienced stress eating. I can't say I enjoy it much. 


Here it is, the second week of January, and I'm finally getting around to writing down my goals for the year. I decided a while ago that I don't like the word 'resolutions', because it sounds so final and imposing. So I set goals, instead. Over the coming year, I'll update with my progress. I may even expand on this list. For now, here's my outline. 

1. Be a better friend. 
          I'm a great friend when I see you, but I'm not always the best at keeping in touch. I want to change that. Look out, friends, because I might just insert myself into your life a little bit. Cards, letters, email, Skype, visits, all will be utilized. 

2. Be healthier. 
          This is the standard resolution people always set. I have some weight loss goals, and I want to eat better (more veggies, less fast food). It's a lifestyle change, so I know it's' going to take a while. Ultimately, I'd like to be more flexible, fit my clothes a little better, and practice yoga a lot more. 

3. Try one new recipe a week 
          I got two cookbooks for Christmas, and a bunch for my wedding. Plus, I'm always finding something good on Pinterest. I want to expand my cooking abilities and stop hoarding recipes. Added bonus: I'll probably share some of them here. 

4. Be more creative 
          This is pretty broad, I know. But I like having my hand in several different creative things. Writing for sure, is one of my favourites. I've also become enamored with embroidery and home decor. There's lots that I enjoy doing, and I want to spend more time creating and less time consuming. 

5. Travel 
          My brother comes back from California in March, my cousin gets married in May, our anniversary is in August, and Luke graduates in December. I would love to celebrate all of these with a trip somewhere. Granted, this means that I have to work hard in order to afford such things. But it seems worth it, to me.  

In Like a Lion

Well, it's been 7 days of the new year. This week has been a baptism by fire for 2013. Things have been crazy, work has been a disaster, and I had to make the trek from Canada to Provo. I am seriously hoping that things calm down a bit. You know how they say that March "comes in like a lion and out like a lamb", or vice versa? I'm thinking it's true for this year, too. 

A New Year

I was going to write this before the new year, but I'm lazy and didn't get to it. 

A lot happened last year. I finally submitted the paperwork for the Green Card. And then I kind of did some things about it so I can actually get it. We moved. I graduated. I got a job. I got to go to Home for the first time in a long time. It's been a busy year. 

I don't know what's in store for this year. I'd like to actually get the Green Card. I'd like to find a new job. I'd like to fix up our apartment a little. 

I've been thinking about resolutions and such. Last year I wrote a bit about how I don't like resolutions because they seem so final. So I made goals instead. I think I will do the same this year. Only this time, I'll keep up with them a bit more.