Happy Holiday

Here's an embarrassing thing. All day I've been thinking it's Saturday. Since this week has been a holiday, nothing has felt quite "right".  So today has been Saturday in my mind. I've been mourning the end of my vacation. But NO. I have four more glorious days. And now that I'm at the in-laws house, I've got nothing to do but relax. And do laundry. And help prepare Thanksgiving dinner. And do some sewing projects. And relax.

Happy Thoughts

Since gaining my freedom, I haven't been up to a whole lot. I started and finished a book (which will get it's own post). I cleaned my house. I caught up on my shows.I made a cheesecake.

And now? I'm eating said cheesecake, watching Gilmore Girls reruns, and curled up in my favourite fluffy blanket.  Life is good.

Free at Last! Free at Last!

I'm all done with classes until after the Thanksgiving break. It's true. And yes, I am one lucky person. Due to the fact that I'm only enrolled in two classes, one of them is a night class, and the other is only twice a week (and got cancelled for next Monday), I have nothing to do for the next week and a half. 

Okay. That's not true. I have papers to grade, scores to enter, a house to clean, books to read, deliciousness to bake, projects to finish, movies to watch, scripts to write, presents to buy, internets to puddle around, books to read and cross of my list, blog posts to write (hint: I've got some good stuff coming), and naps to take. 

Because I Love You

I have decided to share this bit of awesomeness with you. This always makes me feel a little bit better. Also, it is hilarious. 

Things That Have Made Me Happy Today

- having nearly all day to myself to get done what I will (even if I didn't do anything)
- discovering the joy of warm pumpkin spice egg nog
- coming back to Pinterest after a bit of hiatus 
- watching Gilmore Girls online
- wearing my superhero boots 
- having an apartment that doesn't run out of hot water 

This Again

Why is it that when it comes time to write, I just can't make myself do it? I stutter and procrastinate.  It's almost like I'm trying to sabotage myself. 

I really do like to write. I like to tell stories and get to know my characters and experience the emotions that they feel. 

So why can't I motivate myself?

And Again

I keep changing my blog layout. Nothing speaks to me. Nothing feels right. I'm kind of liking this one, though. I like notebooks, and hey! This one looks like a notebook. Except I can't figure out how to change the title font, or get rid of those orange tabs on the side. 

Despite it's faults, I'll hang on to it for a while. It took me a lot longer to get this one set up than the others. 

Dumb Thing of the Day

So a little more than a month ago, I got a new computer. Tonight I finally decided to start moving files over from my old laptop to this one. Never have I made a grosser error. Turns out that the moving of files is 12 times worse than moving to a new house. Especially when one computer ran with Windows XP and one runs with Mac OX Lion. 

Everything is formatted wrong, and my old system of organization isn't working so well with my new one. I suppose that can be expected after working with one computer for 5 years. But still. 

And it doesn't help that I started at 11:30pm. Sometimes I wonder if I'm really trying to kill myself. 

Goals, etc.

So here's a thing. Why is it that whenever people set a goal to get so much of something, that goal is always one million? It doesn't seem to matter what it is. Fundraising for the Girl Scouts. "Likes" on Facebook. Views on Youtube. Secrets shared on PostSecret. 

Having goals is good and all. But why does the goal have to be so ridiculous and over the top? 

Script Status

So my script is coming along. I've got almost 5 brand new pages of material, which is pretty awesome. Did I mention that historical fiction is hard? Getting events and places right is hard enough, then you have to have a character who fits in that time, dresses for that time, and speaks for that time. THEN you have to have them do interesting things.  

At least it's sounding good. 

Gloomy Tuesday

It rained today. So I wore my boots. Good idea, no? 

FALSE. Terrible idea. 

They got soaked. And my socks got soaked. And since they're boots, they're hard to take on and off as it is. Now that they're wet, once they come off, there is no possible way to ever get them back on. At least until they dry.  Which I imagine taking around 6 hours or so.  Now I get to walk around with wet feet. And every time I go outside, they will only get wetter. And we still aren't due home for another.....6 hours. 

I'm also supposed to be working on my script, since I'm reading in class tomorrow. I need to have around 10 pages of new material. I have.....zero pages. So far all my work has been spent on writing and revising the first 15 pages. Suck. Historical fiction is terribly hard to write. 

Because of the writing and because of the rain, I am in a rather terrible mood today. I would go and get some lunch, but that means leaving the dodgy-but-dry computer engineering building I'm in, and going out in the rain. My feet will get wet. 

Today is a gloomy day, indeed.