The Updates

So, with school, work, life, family, my wedding, my soon-to-be sister-in-law's wedding, and many other things, I've been a bit busy. In fact, I might have had a small panic attack. Once I'd worked out all the frustration (and maybe had a bubble bath and some Jane Austin...) I got to work. I got a dress for my SIL's wedding, the fiance got a new suit, I ordered my flowers, wrote a midterm (and maybe aced it, fingers crossed), and I finished the design for our invitations. I've still got a ton to do, but now that I'm getting things ordered, I finally feel like I'm really getting married.


My "little" brother left on his mission a few months ago. This is one of the last pictures we took together. I look a little....odd....but I still really love it. 

The Cake

A while ago I posed about a Beatles cake that I wanted for my wedding. I have since changed my mind, now that I've found this cake. Seriously. I must have this. It's delightful. 

Book: The Nanny Diaries

Alright. Now, I don't want to bash, but I need to be honest. This was, in fact, one of the most frustrating, terrible books I have ever read. I kept hoping for some kind of character development or resolution, but the most I got was a passive-aggressive rant.  Some of the characters were set up nicely, and some I just couldn't imagine being in real life. 

The book is about a college almost-grad who takes a job as a nanny in New York City. She takes care of one little boy, and he is pretty adorable. But her employer, Mrs. X, is just terrible. She treads on everyone else, and only thinks of herself. The nanny, then, instead of confronting her about it, passively complains to everyone in her sphere of influence rather than confronting the woman. 

The book left me feeling extremely angsty. And with a solid resolve to never become a nanny.  I really wouldn't recommend this book to anyone. 

P.S. They even made a movie about this. The movie is not much better, as it follows the story line pretty close. 
Some days, you just feel like a sad panda. 

Today is one of those days. 

I Can't Decide....

....which is better? 

This one? 

Or this one?

Or neither? (keep in mind my bridal wrath)

Book: 1984

First one done! Nineteen Eighty-four by Gorge Orwell has been on my shelf for a while. I finished it this afternoon. I found it to be a depressing story. There's lots written about how it's  a political statement and other such things. But I don't read for that. I'm always most interested in character. And here, there wasn't so much of that. I could see the main character, Winston, changing and learning and defying Big Brother (yes, that's where the term comes from, not some dumb TV show). But I was never sure how I should feel about him. I liked him, but I wasn't sure that I should.  In any case, I'm glad that I read it.  And I would recommend it. This is one of those books that everyone should read. It really makes you think about what's real and what's only in your mind. 

No Title Today

I've finished compiling my summer reading list. And by compiling, I mean that I found a complete list of books referenced in Gilmore Girls, and I've copied it. I made it a new page, just to the right
like that.  I've read some of them already. So I'll cross those ones off. There are 183 books, so I doubt I'll get to them all this summer. But I'd like to read 20 new books. Is that overachieving? Maybe. But I really want to get into reading again. 

Also, watch for updates to my "stuff I watch" page. I neglected it for the last few weeks of the semester. But there are new ones that need to go up. 

Also, I love you all.