Dear friends, please take a moment to look at THIS. If you happen to be from Missouri, or know someone who his, please forward the links. 

Puppy mills are horrible. Dogs are forced to have several litters a year, they are often kept in cages, aren't allowed to run or even be outside. They aren't given adequate vetrinary care, and are overall treated just horribly. 

Get involved. Missiouians, vote on Prop B. If you aren't, check into your state's rules on puppy mills. If they don't have any, write your congressmen and take a stand on this. 


 **tugtugtug** That's me, tugging at your heartstrings. Did it work? Are you voting? Are you writing?


Thoughts on a Rainy Day

Today would be perfect if I was watching the rain from my flat in London, and eating chocolate coated biscuits. 

I read a lot of blogs. I hope that the people are just as awesome in real life as I imagine them to be. 

If the husband is in school, and you have a baby, should the mother be working in order to afford that Kindle? 

Cupcakes are delicious. 

I bought hazelnut creamer for my hot chocolate. I should use that. 

Perhaps I should write more about what's going on in my life. 

What's Going on in My Life 
School is well. I'm behind in my writing class. I took a physical science midterm and did really well. I have another midterm next week that I'm worried about. 

Luke and I went on a group date last night. We made banana boats and watched Signs. I forgot how much I enjoy a Shamalan movie. Then the four of us went and got smoothies at McDonald's. You may scoff, but they are most delicious. Luke is my favourite date. 

Luke and I also ate at a new resteraunt in town, @12. It's a Chinese place, which you wouldn't guess from the name. But it's really delicious. They have tangerene chicken, which is a nice change from all the orange chicken options here in the Valley. 

I wanted to run in the Halloween 5K race, but I haven't trained at all. So that might not happen. 

Lately I've been eating too much candy. Like Runts. Why must they be so delicious? 

Is anyone still reading? 


Hello readership. 

Have I ever shared with you how much I love being a writer? I love being inspired. I love the thoughts, ideas, and impressions I have when just doing anything. I love how a scene will just pop into my head. and I love that anything can inspire me. My inspiration comes from so many places. 

Like, for instance, I saw this guy who was skateboarding, and had his dog with him. I loved that, and he's now one of my many characters. Certain patterns on scrapbooking paper can make me feel a certain way, or give me a mood to work off of.  Whenever I listen to a song, I imagine a music video that goes along with it. I get ideas in the shower all the time. I think about things as I drive to work. I look at pictures I've taken. I have pictures, quotes, and all sorts of mementos around my writing space. 

I love being inspired. 

A Timely Message

On top of everything collapsing on me today, I got junk mail. Luckily, it did not eat my computer. Instead, it warned me of a recall on.......

Hip replacements. 

As in, when you're old, and they give you a titanium hip or something. Yeah. 

I am not old, you know. At least, not hip replacement old. 
Dearest Readers, 

I haven't done a real post in a long time, it seems. I've posted pictures and videos, lists, but nothing that's really going on with me. So, without further ado, here is what I've been up to. 

A week ago, I got sick. I thought it would just be a little cold, no big deal. Turns out it was a BIG cold. It knocked me out for a few days. I'm starting to feel better now, though, which makes me very happy. Because of this cold, however, I am now behind in my classes. Taking a few days off will do that to you. Now I'm just struggling to catch up, which is great, because I have a physical science midterm next week, and a film history midterm the week after. Neither of which I'm really ready for. 

School is going well, despite the fact that I'm behind. I still love my writing class, but I'm complaining about it a lot more. There's a lot of work, and sometimes, I don't want to do it. Most times, let's be honest. But I'm trying to get it done. And by trying, I mean, I'm doing the crossword puzzle. Which I just finished. The New York Times crossword. 

In other news, well, that's about it really. I rode my scooter in the rain. Not so bad, really. My visor needs to be equipped with a mini wiper blade, though. And I kinda want to upgrade to a sleek street bike. 

I set a goal to drink more water this week. My goal is two water bottles, which are larger than the standard sized water bottle, so I feel good about that. And to have less treats. I'm cutting myself down to one treat a day. So far, I haven't had any treats. So far, I haven't had any food today, so I don't know if that counts. 

Well, I really should get back to studying for that midterm. Even though it's boring and I don't want to do it. 

Peace, love, and rock'n'roll, 


P.S. This post took me two days to write. Because I'm lazy and didn't finish it yesterday. 
P.P.S. Staying up late for movies is a good thing. Staying up late for big rig truck driving shows on the history channel, not so good. 

Thanksgiving (Two Days Late....)

This year I'm giving thanks for....

  • My family 
  • My friends 
  • the opportunity to study screen writing at BYU 
  • my lovely apartment that I'm renting at a lower rate 
  • my scooter, and the freedom that comes with it. 
  • the fact that we're actually having a fall this year 
  • good music 
  • great classmates and associates and professors 
  • my job
  • my new haircut 
and counting....

Pop Quiz

Why does the internet suck in the library? 

Why is there an entire website devoted to a funeral home glossary? 

Why was it nice this morning, and almost rainy now? 

Why do I have to be sick? 

At least I'm making progress in my homework. 

Also, a Thanksgiving blog is coming later. 

Today's Obsession

I can't stop listening to this. 

I wish I could sing. 

The Social Network

So, I've been thinking. I'm thinking of deleting my Facebook account.  Why? 

1. It wastes time. 
2. I got it to keep in touch with college friends, not high school people I barely knew and never talk to, random friends of friends who act hurt if you don't accept their friend requests, and family members who only use it to stalk me, rather than talking to me and developing a relationship. 
3. It's no longer just a "social networking" site. The games and apps make it juvenile. 

Those are my main reasons for now. But the more I think about it, the more I think that I really don't need it or want it anymore.