Re: Update

At the start of the school year, I set some goals to work towards for the rest of the semester. Here's how I've been doing so far (note: this blog is more for my benefit than anything else):

1. 4.0 GPA for all of my classes.
-So far so good. My first midterm is this week though, so we'll see how well I prepare for it. Other than that, classes are really good. I just need to stay on top of my reading better.

2. Read four books outside of class/just for fun.
- Ha. I haven't been doing this at all. Although I do have a book from the library. An overdue book......

3. Work on a student film (check!)
-I've worked on one so far. It's kept me pretty busy. I've also signed myself up for another project. I'm not sure if that was the greatest idea, but I did it anyway.

4. Develop a daily habit of prayer and scripture study.
-Here's where I'm really slacking. Every once in a while I read from the Doctrine and Covenants. But I'm not very consistent, and I haven't been doing much personal study. And I need to be better about my prayers in just about every aspect.

So I've got lots to work on. Especially making school and religion more of a priority. Thank goodness it's the start of a new week, and I can try harder and be better!

It's About Time... update my blog. It's been two whole weeks (yikes!), and yet I have nothing to say. How is that possible? Probably because all I do is school stuff. Which includes making movies and watching movies. Oh hey! That's something interesting to blog about! I'll make a list of all the movies I've seen recently. I'd write reviews of them, but that sounds like more work than I'm willing to invest at the current moment. So, in no particular order:

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Transformers 2
G. I. Joe
Angels and Demons
Julie and Julia

I've also seen Big Fish and Seven Pounds and 17 Again and Cloverfield. But those weren't at the theatre. Oh, and I watched Dark Water in class. And I think that about covers it.


So, I went to see Blink 182 tonight. It was awesome!!!! Travis Barker is phenomenal. Like, literally. And that other guy is pretty great too. I'm not a fan of Tom. He's nasty, and somewhat full of himself. But the show was still great. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be able to talk tomorrow, but that's okay. The ringing in my ears is going down, too, so that's a relief. They played all my favourites, and I'm pretty proud of myself for knowing almost all the words. They played a few that I didn't recognize. But that's okay too. Mike, Katy, Luke, and I tried to figure out a way to sneak down to the floor (the boys wanted to mosh). However, we saw someone try what we were about to try, and security tackled him and carried him out, so we changed our minds.

Like I said, the show was great. The songs were awesome. I don't think I'm a fan of them live, though. Partially because they don't sound as good live, and partially because Tom's a dink. But I had fun anyway. However, the best part of the evening was the encore. After the "last" song, the lights went off, but the house lights never came up. So clearly something was going on. After 10 minutes of insessant screaming and chanting the curtain came up again, and there's my homeslice Travis Barker, playing the most wicked awesome drum solo you've ever heard. Then, somehow the platform that he's on raises about a story into the air!! And he's still playing!!! Then, somehow, they move him so it's at an almost 45 degree angle, and swing him back and forth across the stage. And he's still playing!!! Then, they tilt him so he's at a (and I'm not kidding) 90 degree angle, and yeah, he's still drumming away. Then, he starts spinning. It's like it's a merry-go-round or something, and he's perpendicular to the stage, hanging in the air, spinning. It was the sickest thing I've EVER seen. And for that, he now has my heart.

Back to School....

Well, I have returned to school. I love it so much! All my classes are great, I'm loving my work as a TA in the Religion department, I'm starting work on a BYU sci-fi film, and I get to see all of my friends who are now returning home from their missions. Life is grand.

With one week of school down, and about 13 more to go, I figure now is a good time to set some goals for the semester. And if I write them down here, people will read them, and then I'll be accountable. So, without further delay, here's what I hope to accomplish in the next four months:

1. 4.0 GPA for all of my classes.
2. Read four books outside of class/just for fun.
3. Work on a student film (check!)
4. Develop a daily habit of prayer and scripture study.

I figure with four goals, that should be more than enough to keep me busy.

Also, I feel like I should record what classes I'm taking this semester. Here's my fall line-up:

TMA 185-Basic Film Production. Basically it's like film boot camp.

TMA 105-"lab" for 185. Here's where I do a bunch of hands on stuff, like using the camera, editing, that kind of stuff.

TMA 114-Basic Narrative Construction. We're discussing the various types of films and story lines, with lots of film application (aka, I watch a movie a week!)

SFL 100-Marriage and Family Living. I took this class as a recommendation from Lauren, and so far, I have not been disappointed. The prof is great, plus it correlates with my research!

REL C 333-Teachings of Living Prophets. I started out not taking any religion classes, but that just felt strange. So here I am. Essentially, we're studying General Conference talks, and the men who give them.

WS 392R-Women's Studies Colloquial. Twice a month, the Women's Research Institute has a guest lecturer come in, and give a presentation. All are invited, so you should come! You won't get points for coming, but I will!

HLTH 450-Women's Health Issues. This class is great! It deals with health issues facing women, including eating disorders, body image, cancer, and other diseases. It's an elective for my WS minor, which is why I'm taking it.

Well, that's it. That's my schedule. I'm pretty busy. But I love it, and wouldn't prefer it any other way.