A.M. Musings

You know what I want? 

A vintage dress. A 1950s party dress. And a party to wear it to.

Also, Breanne's wedding was gorgeous. I'll post pictures when it isn't the wee hours of the morning. 


The worst thing ever? Automated voice messages. Also, how I spent my morning. Curious? 

Computer generated voice: 

Thank you for calling [insert call center name here]: 
Press 1 for English
Press 2 for French
Press 3 for Spanish
Press 4 for Cantonese 
Press 5 for Swahili
Press 6 for weather updates in Jamacia 
Press 7 for something vaguely related to your call 
Press 8 to change your password 
Press 9 to take your name off our do-not-call list 

Please stay on the line, and an operator will assist you

**waits patiently, despite horrendous elevator music** 

"Hello, and welcome to [call center name]. How can I help y..... *click click*


Something Borrowed

Wedding reception #1 down. Take it from me, there's nothing like a wedding reception to make you feel the full effect of single life. 

I'm looking forward to B.'s wedding. A lot. 

And I've decided that at my wedding, I'm not having any 90s pop love songs. Punk rock and classic rock all the way. 

Last Change. For Now.

I have Ben. On my blog. Things will be like this for awhile. 

Guess What??!!


Great news!!!!

I got into the screenwriting class! I'm so beyond stoked! Not to mention that all of my classes in the fall are going to be film classes. Oh, one 0.5 credit class for my women's studies minor. But other than that,  15 glorious film credits. 

That, plus the great weather today, meaning that I can open my windows, has led to a fantastic day. 

Spring Cleaning.....

Well, I figured that it was time for a change. I like it. It's cleaner. And no more brown, which I was starting to get tired of. I feel like the title doesn't really match (the phrase, not the colours). 

.......just a few months behind. 

Body Image

Just found this link, thanks to a good friend. It's an interesting take on the situation. Read it, and leave me your comments on it. I'm very interested to know what you think. 

Book Review: Wicked

Just a warning, there be spoilers below. Those who love musicals and/or witch stories should take careful note of this. 

Last night I finished reading Wicked by Gregory Maguire. It's what the musical of the same name is based on. And....I devoured it. I finished in about 3 days. Although I can't say that it was fantastic or amazing. It was enjoyable read, but I found myself constantly comparing it to the musical, and it's been two years since I've seen that. So I found myself constantly comparing the two. 

And I realized why I read it so fast. 

There is no theme of LOVE in the book. Themes of loyalty, good vs. evil, and family are prevalent. But the main character, Elphaba, lives a life fairly devoid of love. Since she is born green (yes, really), her parents don't give her the love she deserves, because she is seen as a curse, a punishment from God. Then, she is respected by her college friends, but never is she told that she is loved. It isn't until later in her life, when she has a love affair with a married man, that she seems to have found it. But lasts a few months, and her political efforts come first. The love affair ends, and until the end of the book, Elphie is alone, unloved, unloving.  

I need love. A story with a character who is driven by political ambition or greed is interesting, but I can't empathize with them. And if I can't empathize, I don't get as wrapped up in the story.  But a character driven by love, that's a character I can understand, empathize with. A character becomes so much more interesting.  So I ended up reading through it so fast, because I figured that there must be love somewhere along the story, right? Its a common story element, and I wanted it. And there wasn't. And, as soon as I finished it, I found myself trying to re-write it. And I was glad for the musical , which doesn't follow the book line for line. The musical makes Elphaba a more empathetic character, and ends in a way that I wish the book had. 

Plus, the music is fantastic. 

I learned something about myself. Something I haven't been sure that I want to admit. I love love stories. That's what I want to write. Now, don't get excited. I don't mean rom com's, or sappy stories. But stories where love is a driving theme. And not just romantic love. Love between friends, plationic love, family love. I need it. 

Happy News

As most of you know, I want to write screenplays when I grow up. For those of you who didn't know that, surprise! Anyway, now that I'm in the film program and working towards graduation (yay!), I need to take classes that correspond with what I want to study (duh). So, I signed up for a screenwriting class. All is well and good, right? WRONG. You have to apply to take the class. Yes, even though I applied and nearly killed myself to get into the program. I have to apply to take certain classes. ACK. 

Long story short, I sent in my application for the class. Two months later, I get an email, saying that they've added another section to the class. Translation: I'll get to take the class!

Today I Love...

...chocolate peanut butter cupcakes. 
...laying in bed reading, with the windows open. 
...summer storms. 
...good talks with good friends. 
...movies that no one else knows. 
...imagining moving to London, NYC, or Paris. 
...tomatoes and cheese. 
...grapefruit hand lotion. 
...spontaneous trips to rural Idaho. 
...driving with the windows down. 
...kite flying. 
...taking photographs. 


Life, or Something Like It

I'm a writer. I always have been, and I always will be. Sometimes I'm not the most ingenious writer, or the most dedicated to my craft. But I love it. And sometimes, I find myself writing my life rather than living it. But, a week ago, that changed.

I took a chance and did something that I'd imagined doing, but had never really considered seriously. An opportunity presented itself, however, and I lunged at it. I picked up and took off without thinking it through logically all the way. And it turned out fantastically. My experience was amazing. It wasn't perfect, but it was just what I needed. 

For the first time in a very long time, I felt like I was really living. I was in control of my life, and I did something because I wanted to. It felt like something out of the movies.