Yesterday was great. I finished things that really needed to be finished. I took books back to the library. I mailed some important letters. I made dinner. 

Today, though, hasn't been nearly as productive.  At least it's Friday, and I have a good excuse for not doing anything. 

Let's Go to the Mall!

Luke and I went for a walk around the mall tonight. We do that sometimes - go to the mall to go on a walk.  We usually do a few laps, maybe go in to a store or two, and then get a snack at the food court. 

Tonight, as we were on our second lap, we stopped in a home decor store. We found some excellent wall art (hint: OWLS!).  Then we doubled back to the candle store.  I love candles and other similar things that make my house smell good. But they are usually kind of pricey.  So when I realized they were having a sale, I picked up a few new candles. 

Now my house smells like fall.  For the first time since moving in, I feel cozy here. It's not perfect, but boy, does it smell delicious.  I've been sad to see summer slowly turning in to fall, but I'm not so sad now. 

P.S. Bonus points to those who know where I got my title. 

Good Reads

I started using Goodreads today.  Well, that's not totally true. Technically, I started using it 4 years ago, but I didn't really know what I was doing. I still don't know what I'm doing, but I added a bunch of books to my profile, and poked around. I'm not sure I'm using it right, but I like it so far. 

You can check out my profile here. I hope to keep it fairly updated. Between my wishlist, and the list I've got on my library's website, and Pinterest, and the list here on the blog , I've got quite a few book lists. But I like books, so I'm alright with that. 

Speaking of so many books, I have quite a few book reviews I need to write up. I shall do that next week. 

Women's Expo

Katie and I went to the Women's Expo last weekend.  I love a good expo! There were free samples! And swag {Stuff We All Get}. And contests to enter.  Turns out I really love chocolate covered cocoa beans. 

I had a chiropractor analyse my posture. I guess my posture isn't so great, and now I'm super self conscious about it. If any of you comment negatively about it, I will give you the stink eye.  To make myself feel better, I found a booth with free mini-massages.  And possibly made me consider spending money on a real massage. 

The last few days I've been getting calls from vendors at the expo, telling me I've won a prize. Oh, my excitement! Then I found out that their idea of a prize doesn't match what my idea of a prize is. One lady offered me 50% off one piece of jewelry from her shop. But she had to come to my house so I could claim it.  I don't like having strangers in my house to sell things. 

On the bright side, I still have lots of coupons, two tubes of lip gloss, a nail file, a few pens, some stickers, and a granola bar. I had some cotton candy, but I ate that already. 


My favourite mother-in-law got me a sewing machine for my birthday. It's nothing fancy, but I'm not a fancy seamstress, so it works out well. It can make some cute stitches though, and we had fun testing it out. 

So now that I have one, I'll probably do a bit more crafting. I've always been a crafty person, but I haven't been into it as much as I wish I was. Probably because craft supplies take up space, and I don't usually have a lot of space for supplies. Now, though, I have an excuse! 

This means that I might start sharing my projects here, online. Probably not to a huge extent. I'm not going to become a crafty blog. But I like having a space where I can proudly show off the things I make. 

I bought fabric so I can make a little pillow. We'll see how it goes, considering I've had the materials since Wednesday, and haven't done a thing with them. 


You know that feeling when you just don't quite feel like yourself? 

Yeah, me too. 

I've been feeling that way for awhile. 

And it seems like no matter what I do, I'm not getting back to the way I used to be.