My Fall Lineup

I have a hard time transitioning between summer and fall. I love summer. It's the only time of the year that I'm not freezing {I have low blood pressure, I guess}. The upside to fall is that I can bake without dying of heat, delicious comfort foods, and the return of my favourite TV shows. And because I'm me, I have quite a few that I like to keep up on. Here's what I'll be watching for the next few months. 

How I Met Your Mother: I've been watching this show for years now. Finally, it's the last season. We've met the mother, but there's still so much more to come. There are so many unfinished stories and I can't wait to see how everything wraps up. 

New Girl: The first season was okay, and then I didn't really stick with the second season. At the encouragement of my sister, Luke and I watched it, and it was hilarious! So now it's in the rotation. So far, it's awesome. 

The Mindy Project: I've been a fan of Mindy Kaling since she was on The Office, so I will watch this no matter what happens. It's clever and full of pop culture references, and I think it will only get better as it goes on. 

Modern Family: Admittedly, this isn't my favourite show on the list. However, I love the complex characters and the woven story lines. From a writer's point of view, this show is so clever. And I love Phil. 

Parks and Recreation: I wasn't sure about this show at first. It seemed like it was trying too hard to be like The Office. But I gave it a chance, and loved it. This show is witty and clever and hilarious. Plus, the season premier takes place in London, as if I wasn't smitten enough. 

Big Bang Theory: Honestly, this is just in the list for comedic reasons. Plus, every once in a while I understand one of the science references, and I feel smart. There has even been some character development, so I'm finding this season more interesting than previous ones.

Grey's Anatomy: Okay, okay. I know it's dramatic, and some people think it's a bit ridiculous. But I can't help it - I love the drama. And the characters. Plus, I think I almost understand medical jargon. 

Parenthood: I started watching this show a few years ago when I was waiting for my Green Card. I'd already made my way through most of Netflix, so I figured I might as well give it a try. Now, though, I'm not sure if it's holding my attention. I'll give it a few episodes before I make my final decision. 

And that's all I've got. So, friends, what are you watching? 


I am really bad at remembering this. Usually when I start a project, if I don't see immediate results, I stop. Simple as that. But some things take longer than others. Giving up only cheats me out of something great that I could've had if I'd just stuck it out a bit longer. I've been working on motivating myself and trying to be better at getting things done. While I've still go a ways to go, I am learning that since time doesn't stop, I shouldn't either. 

P.S. Earl Nightingale was a motivational speaker and a radio broadcaster from 1956-1989. 

Online Nonsense

I spend a lot of time online, both for work and for everything else. Here's what I found interesting this week. 

I love this website for random life hacks and home improvements. While I'm not exactly off-beat, I'm not a Martha Stewart, either. 

My favourite band, Yellowcard, released an acoustic album to celebrate their 10th anniversary. You can listen to the whole thing here. This is one of the first bands that I really loved, and they just keep getting better with time. 

This sweater is perfect for the almost-fall season that's currently going on. Too bad it's out of stock. It comes in lots of other colours, though, so all is not lost. 

My good friend Ashley shared this list with me yesterday, and it cracked me up. When we were living in London a few summers ago, we were definitely No. 3. 

Although I claim to be a writer, I'm not actually very good at following through on anything I do. Mostly my writing is lists and story starts. I've been working harder to be more dedicated, and in the process I've found a lot of resources. I just found a new writing blog, and I'm finding it really helpful, especially her 'inspiration' tag. 

And here's something absolutely ridiculous. You're welcome. 

10,000 and 400

I've reached 10,000 blog views! And this is my 400th post! Too bad I don't have much fanfare to go along with this important milestone.