I went home last weekend for an impromptu spring break, and to see my brother one last time before he left on his mission. That was sad and wonderful at the same time. He's awesome. And I'm going to miss him.  That's really all I have to say for today. 

One Thousand Dollars

Things I would rather spend $1000 on instead of immigration fees (in no particular order) 

1. A Macbook Pro 
2. A new spring/summer/professional wardrobe. 
3. My wedding dress. 
4. My wedding. 
5. A down payment on a new car. 
6. A trip to somewhere. 
7.  All the cherry tootsie roll pops I could ever imagine. 
8. Rent on a new apartment 
9. Anything else that costs under $1000 

Things on my Mind

So, this past week was a little rough. I got a rather nasty cold, which is still lingering. But I'm over the worst of it now.  And the weather and been rather yo-yo like, which has been hard on me, too.  And I still haven't found an adorable haircut that I want. I know I want to change my hair, but I don't want to do anything too crazy (I do have that whole wedding thing coming up...). So that's where I'm at. 

I feel really boring. But this weekend I get to work on a film project! I'm stoked!


Dear Jamba Juice, 

Thank you for making me delicious orange juice today. I still feel sick, but not as much sick. Maybe tomorrow I will drink your Coldbuster smoothie, and see if it actually will bust this cold. Being sick is no fun. No fun at all, precious. 

The Time

I just scheduled a time!!!! We are getting married 

AUGUST 20th, 2011 
in the Logan Temple 
at 12:45pm

Please note the excitement. 

One Thousand Words

I do this too, sometimes.

The Facts

We set a date!! We're getting married August 20th, 2011!! So that means: 

- We're getting married in Logan, UT, in the temple there. 
- My grandpa will perform the ceremony
- We're having two receptions, one in Bear Lake and one in Barnwell 

The Ring

Look guys! My first diamond!

The ring is a design by Hugo Kohl. He collects vintage rings, then makes copies of them. Awesome, no? The diamond came from his great-grandmother's wedding ring. It's beautiful and I LOVES it! It's the perfect ring for me. 

The pictures aren't very good. That's my bad.