December 29th, 2010

Well, it's been a week since I've blogged. That's what break does to a person. I should do a blog about how good my Christmas was (it was great, lots of family, lots of presents), or about what I got for Christmas (fluffy slipperse, Beatles Trivial Pursuit, and a new sweater, for starts), or about what I've been up to since (sleeping. Lots and lots of sleeping). But I wouldn't want to bore you....

Oh wait. 

Here Comes Christmas

For all those who were wondering, yes, I made it home safely, and yes, it's nice to have finals over and done with. I do miss my Provo friends, though. And the slightly warmer Provo weather.  But it's all Christmas-y here, and I like being at home. 

I don't really have much to say other than that. I've made tons of cookies, and avoided wrapping presents. Our tree looks fantastic. I'm pretty much ready for Christmas. All I need is a glass of egg nog and a bowl of peppermint ice cream. 


Of course. I know it's December. And I know it's almost Christmas. But seriously? Did it have to snow today? On the day I have a final from 8-10pm? I don't want to drive home in the snow and cold. or drive TO school. Curses. Good thing I'm a tough Canadian girl. I've driven home in the snow before. I can do it again..... maybe. 

Snack Break

Well friends. That's 3 classes down, and 3 more to go. And I'm worried about all of them.  I also am really hungry. I wish I had some food. Like mac and cheese. Or a cheeseburger. Or nuggies. I'm not sure what else I want. But food. I want that. 

Distractions, Part 1.5

I consider it 1.5 since technically I started this the other day. But it was unofficial. 

Here's what I've got today, folks. Emoticons! Well, just one. 



You know you're procrastinating when you read answers to Facebook questions about travel insurance. 

Also, be on the lookout for more procrastination tips, techniques, and examples. Tis the season and all that. 

I think.....

....I just ate too much. I went nearly all day without eating, so I stuffed myself accordingly when I got home. A huge bowl of spaghetti, a cupcake, and a can of Dr. Pepper later, and I'm exhaused and ready for bed. Too bad I have to study for a midterm, write a 1000 word essay, and post 20 film responses online by tomorrow. 

STUNT DOUBLE!!!!! Where's one when I really need one?
For a minute, I thought I was going to have two posts on the same day (not that there's anything wrong with that....), but I realized that it's now past midnight, so I'm good. 

I just want to say-----BOO to FEEDBACK FORMS. I like giving feedback, I don't like filling out the same form a bajillionity times. 

This is why I can't add my professor on Facebook. I rant about his class there. I also rant about it here. Because I feel a little safer here. Even though there are probably creepers. But that's okay. They don't determine my final grade. I hope. 

One last story to go. One.....more..... I can't convince myself to do it. Sorry, E. 

Just kidding. I'll go do it now. By then the Dr. P will have worn off and I can SLEEP. Even though I have too many other things to do. 

Fresh Out of Titles

So, I didn't really want to post today. Because then there would be a different post than the last one I posted (with the really awesome poster of The Beatles). I just love how it looks there, with my London background in, hehe...

In other news, the semester is almost over. Yay! Yay? I'm not sure which. It has been a really great semester. I'll be sad to see it go. I've loved my writing class the most. Even though it was TONS of work (sometimes busywork....shhhh). But I got to work with some really fantastic people, and write some fairly fantastic stuff. I know that next semester I get to move on to bigger and better things. But I'm sad to see that class go. I'm also sad to say goodbye to my Monte Python class. Yep, I spent a semester watching silly British men do sillier British things. Be jealous of my major. Finally, I'll be sad to see my extra long weekends go. I've had no Monday or Friday classes, which has been wonderful. Next semester I still have Fridays off, so it's not so bad. And only writing on Mondays, so that's all good. 

That was a long paragraph, sorry friends. 

Now that the end is near, I have SO MUCH to get done still. It makes me scared just thinking about it. But, it has to get done, right? So I'll just have to stay up late every night getting it done. 

I went to the Apple store yesterday (I was on a date :). And they played Beatles music the whole time. I am in love. In fact, I began to wander just so I could stay and listen. Luke is the best for putting up with me. 

The rest of the date was good too. We walked around down-town SLC and found a new restaurant to try. Five Star Restaurant should seriously rename themselves. It had Chinese and Thai cuisine. Honestly, the Chinese place at Smith's is so much better. Next, we walked around Temple Square and saw the lights. It was cold, but I loved it. Finally, we went to the mall in search of warm hats. I didn't find any. Neither did Luke. Darn. We still had a great time. Luke's pretty awesome.