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Taking Stock: October

Hello friends!  I'm coming back here after weeks of personal bad news on top of national tragedies. And it's hard to know what to say or do in the aftermath of so many awful things. So I worked my way through this list from a new fave, Meet Me at Mike's  to try and focus on the good and interesting things in my life.  If you end up taking stock, share or send me your list. I'd love to see what's going on with you. 

Making : too many fall goals. 
Cooking : from scratch! We signed up for a meal delivery service and now I actually make dinner.
Drinking : tea! It's finally cool enough to enjoy a nice warm mug in the evenings. 
Reading: I'm just about to start Brain on Fire , courtesy of my SIL. 
Trawling: the Yankee Candle website, waiting for a sale.
Wanting: to go for a hike up in the mountains.
Looking: at all my family pictures. 
Deciding: whether it's cold enough to swap out my summer scarves for my fall/winter stash. 
Wishing: I lived a little closer to home. 

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