The Office

For the record, I didn't make this. I found it online somewhere. And I think it's really great. 

What I'm Doing

Well, I'm still here, having a hard time getting stuff done. On the bright side, I cleaned my living room. I still need to do some writing, go grocery shopping, and do some dishes. And all I want to do is sit here and watch The Office. 

Wasting Time

How did I ever waste time before Pinterest? Seriously. It's my go-to website when I'm not ready to get off the computer and do real things. 

Basically, I have not been productive tonight. 

Happy Monday

Last week was rough for me. But this week, things are looking to be a bit better. Why? Because of this. 

Not Quite Myself

Today has been one of those strange backwards days that feels like it doesn't really belong in your life. You know what I mean? Where you feel like you're living someone else's life.  Maybe it starts out with a small step outside of your comfort zone. You tried something new, and then things just spiraled out of control. 

It's just been a really weird day. And I can't get focused. 

Turns out, hot chocolate and a cupcake really help. 

"Live Blogging" My Workday

I should start with this: I have no idea what live blogging actually is. Do you sent out multiple posts in a day? An hour? Do you just write it all down, then publish it as one big bundle of thoughts? Who knows. With that being said, sometimes I think of clever things while I'm supposed to be working. This is good, except these thoughts never relate to what I'm writing about. For some reason, I've decided to write them here. 

*Writing about fences is too hard. Plus, now 'fence' is starting to not look like a real word. 

*Writing about sushi is a lot easier 

*I need a break. Let's go light the fall candle I just bought. 

*Fall, fall faaaaaallllll. Lovely fall. Oh it smells so good. 

*Now it just smells like the craft store. 

*I need a snack. 

*I've only done two articles today. I really need to do some more. At least two. Maybe just one. Or maybe I'll just be done for the day. Or forever. 

I Work Now, Like a Normal Person

I started a new job. I'm a contract writer for an SEO company. I write short articles to help websites boost their search engine results. I get paid to write. I would go on and on about how my dream has always been to work as a writer, but that would just be sappy. So yeah, I'm STOKED.  And I finally feel normal.  After months of doing absolutely nothing, working sure feels good. Especially since I can work from home, and I don't have to go out in the snow. 

Since I have my work authorization card, I can travel now, too. So I get to home during Christmas break. Which is awesome. It's been almost a year and a half (since before my wedding), and I'm looking forward to every moment I get to be home. Except the moments when Ruby eats all my stuff and sheds on everything. Love you, Rubes. 

I guess that's all I really have to say. Mostly I just wanted to talk about my job. Cause it's pretty awesome. 


I went on a walk in the leaves today.  It was warm out, and the weather was perfect. 

Also, I think I might have a job.