About Me

I'm Ashleigh. I grew up in Canada, then moved to Utah for school. I graduated, am still here. 

I started {Insert Something Clever Here} 4 years ago on a whim. A friend and I thought it would be fun to have blogs, and here I am, years later, still writing. I'm bad at naming things, so I figured I'd just come up with a placeholder until I thought up something witty that would impress everyone. As you can see, I haven't come up with anything better. 

I like writing about my life: the movies I've seen, the books I've read, and the places I've been to. I love making lists and sharing funny things I find from around the Internet. Honestly, when it comes to blogging, I'm nothing special. I currently don't have theme days or scheduled posts. 

I guess you could call this a lifestyle blog. I mean, I don't have kids, I'm not really a cook, nor do I enjoy recording my workout tips. It's just me, sharing stuff that I'm interested in.

Whether you know me in real life or not, feel free to follow along. Also, I really love it when people leave comments. I'm vain that way. 

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