Well, I think I've got over my anxiety. Now it's the nostalgia that's getting to me. 

I'm such a tortured artist. 


Do you ever feel anxious, but don't really know why? Like for some reason you need to be holding your breath and walking on eggshells? 

I feel that way. Something is coming. Something nervous-making. But I don't know what.

A Week of Firsts

- first time taking a final early
- first time taking four finals on one day. 
- Luke's first time to Canada in the "spring" 
- first time voting in a federal election 
- first time hanging out with W&B as a married couple 
- Luke's first time getting stalked by the Mounties 
- our first time blowing out a tire 
- my first time getting pulled over (and my first warning) 
- my first spring semester at BYU 

I've been Bitten

Bitten by the crafting bug. I've read one too many crafting blogs. I suddenly want to redo my entire house and cover everything in vinyl. 

Okay, so I'm not that intense. But I DID buy a pack of scrapbook paper. I made some cute thank you cards, and covered a small picture frame that I had. I kind of like this. Although I do wish I had one of those fancy paper cutters. And a hot glue gun. 

Things of Note

* Today I bought a pack of scrapbook paper. I have some projects in mind, like making thank you cards, recovering a little treasure box I have, and a few other ideas. I'll share them when they're done. 

*I wrote my first letter to Ty today. Wednesday marks the 2 week mark! 

*Classes are over on Wednesday, and I coudn't be happier. 

*One of my finals got moved back by 4 days, so I have even more time to procrastinate. 

*Planning a wedding is hard. But I love Luke more than ever. 

Misery Company

So I have this paper that's due today. And one that was due on Wednesday. And I don't want to do either of them. In fact, thinking about doing it is making me a little nauseous (and THAT is a tricky word to spell). But I need to do them both. I'm just so sick of school and papers and needing to do things. I want it to be summer. But summer like when I was in junior high, and I could read all day or laze about or go on family vacations. This summer I have to take classes and work and plan a wedding. 

Also, it snowed kind of today. I feel a bit miserable.