Christmas Check-in

It's been a really busy season. I started the month thinking that I'd have so much time to get my shopping done, presents wrapped, maybe even make some Christmas candy and homemade presents. 

This is not to be the case. 

But I've put up a tree, burned some Christmas candles, played some carols, and spent a lot of time thinking about "the reason for the season". It's no secret that this year has been a struggle for me, especially the last few weeks. A few weeks ago I came to a breaking point, and I needed to make a decision about something big. I knew what I wanted to do, but I wasn't brave enough to do it. So I finally prayed about it. And got the opposite answer. But I knew that I'd have to change my plan. So I did. 

Since then, things have been getting better. Not a complete 180, but we're coming up on maybe a 75 degree turnaround. Things still aren't where I want them, and the handmade gifts might not get finished until March, but I keep remembering where my inspiration came from, and I feel better about it all. 

Luke and I went to see the Christmas show at Temple Square tonight. Getting there was stressful, and I almost wanted to just turn around and head back home. But we made it, and it was just what I needed. I feel less concerned with the busyness of the holiday, much more in tune for the reason for the celebrating. 

So what if I don't end up making 5 different kinds of homemade chocolates? Its really okay that I didn't get everyone on my list three perfect presents and wrapped them in co-ordinating paper with hand-tied bows. I'll be spending my holidays with family and giving thanks to Him as often and as best as I can.