Leap Day

How could I not post on leap day? Who knows where this space will be 4 years from now. Or if we'll even have leap day that far in the future? 

That's all I really have to say. 

Oh. Here's a thing. Don't eat a whole box of Runts in one day, by yourself. Your tongue will never forgive you. 

Funny Thing of the Day

I found out that nothing motivates me more than watching The Office. Earlier this afternoon, I was laying around, eating cake, and blog stalking. Finally, I decided that I wanted to get at least something done. So I turned on reruns. And lo and behold, the bedroom got cleaned up, dusting happened, the dishes got put away, and, well, that's about it, really. 

Not so funny, I really like sitting on my bed this time of day. The light comes in through the window, and it's bright and happy. I'm usually not an afternoon person, but it's so awesome that's it's almost 5:30, and the sun still has about 40 minutes left before it goes behind the mountain. Life is good. 

A Literary Tragedy

Tonight we went to the bookstore. I found this fantastic book on how to encourage your inner artist. But since we're poor college kids, I didn't get it. I figured I'd look it up online, and maybe buy it used. 

Now that we're home, I can't find it. I didn't write down the title, and I can't find it hidden among the knitting craft books and strange self-help volumes. And the website won't let me search by cover colour. 

This is eating me alive. 

My Little Corner of the World

I don't write here very often. It's a strange little corner of the internet. It started because a friend was starting one, and I thought, hey, why not have a place to write random things that my friends can see. It also was mostly a journal, of sorts. 

Three years later, I'm not sure what this corner of the internet is for. Clearly I'm not going to have hundreds of readers (or even tens of readers), or ever make money from it. 

But as a writer, it's good to have a space where my thoughts and observations can be recorded. And that's why I'll keep it around. 

My Fickle Mind

Sometimes I get these really great ideas. Like decorating my bathroom, or choosing to study a subject outside of school. Things that will make me a better person. Or at least improve my surroundings. 

And then....I try them out. I buy crafting/decorating materials. I find a subject I'm super-interested in.  I try it out. I start work on whatever has been itching itself into my brain. Once I start it, it seems like the worst idea ever. Or the most boring, at the very least. 

Suddenly, something that has been on my mind ALL THE TIME (including keeping me up at night), holds no interest at all, and I can barely make myself work on it again. 

Does anyone else do this? Or am I just crazy?

Red No. 40

I am obsessed with cherry flavoured anything. When I need cough drops, I get the cherry ones. Kool-aid? Definitely cherry. I love going to Sonic, because I can get a cherry coconut limeade. 

My current obsession? Tootsie roll pops.  They seem like they're made with extra cherry deliciousness.  I haven't figured out how many licks it takes to get to the middle, but I do know that if I eat 3 in a row, my tongue gets angry. 

Google Gulag

Google creeps me out lately. It's probably my own fault, since I voluntarily use Google Chrome (but I can't be blamed...it's so much faster and easier to use). 

However. Constantly seeing ads from websites I've been to makes me feel weird. It's even worse when it shows me the products I was just looking at. 

I also feel it's not effective. If I didn't actually buy what I was looking at, and/or if I did, shouldn't it be showing me something different? 

Plus, they changed their privacy policy. It was too technical to actually figure out. So I really have no idea how that relates to anything else. 

Finally, probably more posts this week. I'm feeling narcissistic.