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Film Theory

Brace Yourselves

Book: The Devil Wears Prada


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Christmas Wish List

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Free at Last! Free at Last!

Because I Love You

I Remember

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A New Look

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She's a Rebel/She's a Saint

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The One where Ash Redacts

The One Where Ash Gets Snarky

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Strange Things

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This is Real Life

Autumn and Lists

Happy September



The Fifth Element

Six Degrees of Separation

Seven Years in Tibet

8 1/2

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All I Really Want Is To:

To be Carefree

Well, This is Awkward

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Well, I'm Behind

Book: The Time Traveller's Wife

Oh Dear, I'm One of THEM (kind of)

Creative Outlet


French, etc...

Fellowship Diaries: Ashleigh

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The Pictures, Part I

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The Cake

Book: The Nanny Diaries

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Mother's Day

Book: 1984

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