A Moving Post, Day 2

Sometimes, dealing with other people is really, really hard. 

Like, when they tell you that you can move in on one day, and then suddenly, they tell you that you can't move on that day. 

And when they tell you that you will have fancy brand new carpet when you move in. And then they tell you that the carpet is all torn out, but no new carpet is in sight. 

I would be much more eager to move, despite these setbacks, if the new place looked anything like this: 

Unfortunately, it does not. Not even a little bit. 

P.S. I would give credit for the picture, but for some reason, the internets tell me that the original page no longer exists. 

A Moving Post

We are moving on Saturday. 

So far, we packed up all our books, blankets, and everything in our huge dresser. Seriously, huge. It stores a lot of stuff. It took a while to get it empty. 

Today, I changed all of our addresses. Except on Amazon. Shoot. 

But I'm getting stuff done. And feeling pretty good about myself.  

Next up: non-essential bathroom stuff. 

I'd Do a Silly Walk, but I'm Not Feeling Very John Cleese Right Now

I've been feeling a little bit down lately. The stress of finding a new apartment, packing up all our things, and getting ready to move has caught up with me.  And we just found out that some repairs that were supposed to be done before we moved in, well, they won't be done.  

So I've decided that instead of ranting about it, I'd list some things that make me happy, and almost always cheer me up.

P.S. Bonus points to whoever can correctly identify my title quote. And no cheating. Minus points for using Google. 

1. Meredeth and Cristina always dancing their problems out. 

2. Sharing the grumpies with this penguin 

3. Looking at pictures of London 

4. Gilmore Girls 

Sunday Night Random Stuff

* I should've written earlier, when I had more things on my mind. I do my creative thinking during the day, and my moody, worrisome thinking at night. 

* So I've been watching Grey's Anatomy. I was liking it; it was dramatic and tense and there seemed to be interesting character development. Suddenly today there was a whole other set with a bunch of characters, and hardly any time spent on the original cast. I do NOT like that. 

* Most days I can't wait to be in our new apartment. I actually daydream about having a washer/dryer and doing the laundry. Of course, since it's a basement apartment, I also daydream about finding giant spiders everywhere. 

* I really don't like other people's kids. 

* I've started a weight loss program type situation. I don't think I really want to write much about it here, since I'm kind of private and weight and body issues seem like one of those private things. But I am saying it here, so I have a modicum of accountability. I am working out and eating less and knocking myself out to get back in my skinny jeans. 

* I'm really looking forward to not living in a studio apartment any more. I'll probably write more about this as we get closer to moving, and then actually live there a while. 

* I haven't slept during normal hours in a looooong time. I just can't break the late night-late morning sleep schedule. I'm rather unhealthy. 


... is over. Here's what I was up to: 

  • working hard on my scrapbook. Did I tell you about that? How I'm finally scrapbooking all my London pictures and ticket stubs and pamphlets? Well, I am. My initial goal was to be done by the end of summer, but now that we're moving {!!!} I want it done in the next three weeks. And I'm on track! 
  • apartment hunting. That might be my least favourite part of moving - the initial  tracking down of a better place to live. I can be picky, and there aren't a whole lot of options for us in our price range and ideal locations. But we found a good place, signed the contract, and now, it will be ours. 
  • hiking.  Luke had to practice for his big backpacking trip.  It was pretty great, until we encountered a snake. Just a little grass snake, but it was the first one I've seen in Utah. Luke tried to get it off the path, but the snake didn't like that, and hissed at him. Later, we were walking through some longish grass, and I stumbled a bit. Apparently there was another snake that I managed to scare, and he took off past Luke. Snakes everywhere! I'm never hiking again. 
  • eating lots of cupcakes
  • reading some books
  • watching Scrubs, 30 Rock, Grey's Anatomy, and Downton Abbey
  • enjoying the nice weather