New Favourite; Old Hate

Thanks to a suggestion from D., I found this video. It's my new favourite thing. Check it out!

Today it decided to snow, after reaching almost 70 degrees yesterday. Functioning is at a minimum today.

Monday Morning Idealism

As always, there's lots on my mind. The one nugget I'll share happens to be about The Golden Rule. You know, the one they teach you in kindergarten, about treating others how you would want to be treated.  Stop and think about it. It's seems so simple, doesn't it? Think about how it would be to have everyone treat you the way you'd ideally like to be treated. Back rubs all the time, people bringing you presents, etc, etc. Now stop. Now, think about everyone else who wants to be treated that way. Would you be willing to be the one handing out backrubs? To constantly deliver presents? That's a lot to ask. 

So we'll take it down a few notches. Everyone wants to be smiled at, right? To feel welcome and wanted. To know that people care about them. Those are easy things to do. So why don't we do them more often? Why aren't we always smiling and telling people how glad we are to see them? Not to get all Miss America-like, but think how much better the world would be, if we all treated everyone the way we'd like to be treated.  Things would be so much better. 

Just my idealism coming to you this Monday morning. 

Re: Goals

Back in January I set some New Year's Resolutions. I think the time as come to check up on myself, and see how I'm doing on them.

1. Exercise 3 times a week, for about half an hour.
            -Well, sometimes I do better than others. But I haven't gotten in a steady routine yet. Consensus:  keep working on this one.
2. Study my scriptures every day
             -I'm slipping every once in a while, but overall I think I'm doing not too shabby. But still, I need to work to be better at this.
3. Write in my journal more often.
              -Yes! This I can say yes to! I have started journalling again. I'm still catching up from last semester, but I'm working on it! I just have to keep it up.
4. Learn something new
         -I'm still taking that guitar class.
5. Have more spontaneous adventures.
          -I am having quite enough spontaneous adventures, thank you. Pirates, anyone?

Overall verdict: keep working, Ashleigh. You'll get there someday.

Koreans, Gravity, and God's Love

So, this was a little while ago, but I really wanted to share it. I was talking with my good friend D. the other day after class, and somehow (probably because we go to BYU), we got on the topic of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We had worked it into another topic strand, and continued with our rapidly changing conversation, but not before the phrase "the Church is TRUE!" was uttered. We thought nothing of it, and continued our conversation.

Apparantly we were overheard by an almost middle aged man, who may or may not have been Korean. He seemed interested in this proclamation of truth, and asked us what we had meant about the Church being true. I kindly let D. field this question (as he just got back from a mission and is skilled in such matters). No matter how he would answer this man's questions, it never seemed to be enough for him. He kept asking us how we knew it was true, when we had no proof. Now, I have proof. I have found it myself. But I'm not (and I'm sure D. wasn't) going to share my personal conversion story with a stranger who just wants to create contention. He eventually deemed the situation to be "hostile" and left before we could explain to him that is was HIS fault the situation was hostile. I mean, he barged into OUR conversation, and accused US and wouldn't listen what we had to say. Oh well.

Since then, I've been thinking about what I should've/could've said to him that would have helped him understand, and realize why you don't always need to have tangible evidence of something that is true. Like gravity. You can't have some gravity. You can't get it at the mall, or order it off ebay, or borrow a cup from your neighbor. You've been taught about it at school, and there are certain laws you must follow. But you don't really believe in it, until you drop something, or an apple falls out of a tree and hits you on the head. For me, the gospel is like that. I wasn't there in the Sacred Grove with Joseph Smith. I've never had an angel come to me, or seen a heavenly vision. But I have felt the Holy Ghost. I can feel God's love for me. I can feel how living the gospel changes my life. Just like I can feel it when an apple hits me on the head.

I Would Rather....

-be in London, in a studio flat, writing freelance and playing my guitar in the underground.
-be living in the early 1960s, and swooning over The Beatles.
-be living in the 1970s, being a hippy, with long hair, love beads, and walking barefoot.
-at home, lying in my hammock in the sunshine.

Just some thoughts from this Wednesday morning as finals are looming in the next few weeks, I have to pack up and move, and make some decisions that I really don't want to.


Seems somebody put out the moon
Now the road is a minefield
I can’t follow the way she moves
I can’t see past the shadows
You make the darkness disappear
I feel found when you stay near
I know where I am when you are here
My way becomes so clear

When you're gone
Will I lose control?
You're the only road I know
You show me where to go
Who will drive my soul?

Seems somebody burned up the signs
I can’t expect the hard curves
There's no borders
There are no lines
How can I know where to turn?
You make the street lights reappear
I feel bright when you stand near
I know what I am when you are here
My place becomes so clear

When you're gone
Will I lose control?
You’re the only road I know
You show me where to go
Who will drive my soul?

Will I lose control?
You’re the only road I know
You show me where to go
Who will drive my soul?
Drive my soul

When you’re gone
Will I lose control?
You’re the only road I know
You show me where to go
When you’re gone
Will I lose control?
You’re the only road I know
You show me where to go
Who will drive my soul?

One Thousand Words

I used to re-post secrets I liked or felt a connection to. But lately, it seems as thought I cannot connect with any of them. Also, they aren't as pretty. I suppose I should be glad that I can't connect with other people who have depression, chronic diseases, broken hearts and cheating spouses.

But at the same time, I miss uploading ones that made me smile.

Oh Heavens, Where to Begin?

I've got so many thoughts, so many ideas bouncing around in my head, I don't even know where to start. Today is one of those days where I feel like I should stay home and write all day. I have so much writing to catch up on. I'm so far behind in my journals (yes, I have more than one), and I have so many story fetuses in my brain that want to get borned. There were so many things I wanted to get accomplished today, but I haven't.

Alright. I can't think of any better way to organize my thoughts and this blog than by numbering them, and starting at the top. Bear with me, friends.

1. I got out of class early today! I usually 2.5 hour long class, that begins at 8:30am, was finished by 9:15. I came home, did some work, the kind where I get paid, and now want to be artistic for the rest of the day. Guitar class tonight will help with that. Nutrition won't.

2. Speaking of nutrition....I have an online quiz to take today. I should get on that.....

3. I've had the most interesting conversation with Ashley this afternoon. We've been talking about religion and the Gospel, as we usually do. Today we started talking about the Fall, and how Adam and Eve didn't sin, and what that means for us. After a few more twists and turns, we began talking about angels, which lead to a discussion of John, and how he's still on the earth, and what we would ask him. Which turned into a conversation about pre-mortal life and the veil. We started talking about who we knew when we were in heaven, who we might have been friends with. Like I said, most interesting. Lots of things I've never thought of before, and lots of things I thought that only I had been thinking of.

4. I want to write. I want to be a writer, write all day, and get paid for it. I still don't know how to accomplish this goal while being a student, and not having large blocks of time to just sit and write. See, my idea of writing means getting up early, going on a walk, stopping at a park, and while surrounded by nature, writing everything that comes into your head. Yes, it's a very romantic notion. But then again, I am a Romantic.

5. I want a sewing machine. I want to make beautiful things for my home, and decorate it with vintage furniture that I restore myself. I want a home. I want it to be a small apartment, preferably in London, New York, or Boston, with a fantastic view of downtown.

6. My goal: be proficient enough to play my guitar outside on campus, in the sun, while sitting on the grass, and not have people laugh at my insufficiency of skill.