The Wedding Shower, Part II

While I was at home, my mom and sister threw me a wedding shower. It was so lovely. We had Texas sheet cake and pink ginger ale, which always makes me feel fancy. Ladies from our ward came, and we had a nice visit. We put together a little questionairre, which garnered some fun stories from everyone's wedding. It was just so nice. 

And of course there were presents. I wasn't expecting much, but everyone was so generous.  I felt very special and very spoiled. 


Directed my Mike Nichols. A 1970s war movie. But it continues on with the count down. 

Moving on, today we have cleaning checks. I canNOT wait until I don't have them any more. That's just one more bonus to moving in to where we're moving in to. 

AND, this is my last free weekend as a single girl. Next weekend we're up at his parents' house. Then it's the reception in Canada, then the actual wedding. Then the next weekend we're getting ready for school.  Sweet Mercy. 

Why Is It...

...that when a person sets out to emulate a prominent author, pilgrameges to homesteads, bookshops, vacation homes, and possible sites of the writing process are encouraged and expected. But when a person sets out to emulate a character from one of these authors, they are seen as being ridiculous, silly, and wasting their time? 

Is it just because authors are real people, whereas characters are fictional? 

Sometimes I would like to behave as certain fictional characters. Just saying. 

Bond 23

Continuing on with my very recent trend of counting down to my wedding using popular movie titles...
This one comes from the as-yet untitled James Bond film, due 2012, starring Daniel Craig. Hey, it was the first film that came up in my search for films starting with 23. So there. 

Also continuing with trends, let's do a little final countdown, shall we? 

9 days until my next shower (hosted by Luke's aunts)/trip to Bear Lake
13 days until Luke is done with the semester 
14 days until we can move in to our first apartment together
15 days until we leave for Canada 
16 days until our reception #1 
17 days until my 23rd birthday (yay!) 
19 days until I go to the temple
19 days until we head back to Idaho
21 days until family comes down to join us
22 days of singleness
23 days until the wedding (as previously mentioned) 
32 days until I begin my last semester of college ever! 

28 Days Later

...I will be a married woman. 

Not to count down or anything. 

Also, I'm in a hotel in Pocatello. A trip back to Provo has taken an interesting turn while driving with family. No cause for concern, just needed a break from driving. 

Night Owl

So, despite getting up at 5am today, and being extremely busy all day, I can't go to bed yet. I did have a nap, but it wasn't enough to throw off my sleeping pattern. I just can't bring myself to go to bed before midnight. And since I was doing important things until about 10 minutes, ago, staying up made sense.

Now I'm too tired to get up and go to bed.

The Dress

Last Friday, my mom and I went dress shopping in Logan. I hadn't had any luck in Provo, so I was a bit skeptical that I would find anything. We went to one shop on Main Street. It used to be a hotel, then was converted into a dress shop. It was such a charming building. And the sales girl was super helpful. She understood my style and brought me some great dresses to try on. 

And then, there it was. The Dress. Of course, I tried on a few others, just to be sure. But that was it. 

Wanna see? I'm not showing myself in the dress, because some people are superstitious about things like that. But it looks pretty good on the model, too. 

The Wedding Shower, Part I

Last Thursday, Luke's mom hosted a wedding shower for me. A bridal shower? I can never remember what's appropriate. It was so lovely. We set up the quilt she's making for us and we worked on that for a while. It was a "favourite recipe" theme, so everyone brought their favourite recipe (of course), and some of the ingredients to make it. I now have many brownie recipes, and some delicious dinner ideas. I'm super excited to try them out. 

Housing, Act I

Applying for housing makes me nervous. Have I ever shared that with you? It's first come, first serve, and I never get there first. I get so nervous that I'll click on the wrong one. Or that someone will beat me to it. Which is probably what will happen. Today there's only one new listing, and either no one will want it, so I'll get it (yay!), or everyone is going to pounce on it. I'd like to think that I'll be the one to pounce first. I'd say something to the negative, but I don't want to jinx myself. 

UPDATE: I tried, and failed. The page reloaded very slowly, and the flat I wanted wasn't available. The anxiety really got to me, and now I'm all adrenaline'd. It really is the WORST way to deal with housing. I feel all jittery now, as if I'd had an espresso. 

And some pictures, because I can. 

Where we're trying to live 

How I feel now

The espresso it feels like I just drank

All I Really Want Is To:

-  move in with Luke and set up our first home together
- go swimming in a lake
- go on a vacation to somewhere I've never been 
- take a shower
- get married, already!

To be Carefree

You know, I've never really wished I was someone else. There have been times when I've been envious of what other people were doing with their lives - the opportunities that seemed to fall into their laps, the friends or fashion they had. But I always noticed the struggles they had. And those were struggles that I didn't want. 

As I'm getting older, and finding myself in grown-up situations, I am finding myself wishing I was someone else. But not someone else entirely. I want to be me, just a younger version. I want to go back to when I was 9, and the biggest challenge I faced was whether I would go swimming on Sunday. Or 14, and my best worry came from whether I'd have any friends to hang out with at my first stake dance. Heck, I'll take freshman year of college all over again, despite wondering where my life is going and if I'll still be friends with all these people. 

I'm not saying that my life is bad now. Quite the opposite. I have many wonderful blessings. But sometimes, it would be nice to set aside my cares, and go back in time. Just for a while. 

Well, This is Awkward

Hi friends. I'm not usually up this early. Or at least online this early. So all of the websites that I usually check haven't been updated yet. It's weird, and I feel a little awkward, like the internet has become a ghost town or something. Or perhaps I'm just cranky that the whole world doesn't spend all their time online like I seem to. 

In other news, the one thing on my to-do list is done. I shall now spend the rest of the day rewarding myself for such good behaviour. 

Just In Case... had any doubt, I love this guy. I can't believe we get married in 45 days. 


Do you ever have those days where you feel like you're stuck in a box? And you can either just stay in the box (which makes you grumpy), or you can try to get out of the box (which makes you cranky)? 


Well, that's me, today.