Post Finals Life

Well. I survived finals. I didn't think I would. Which is why I didn't blog at all, even though I said I would. Sorry about that. To make up for it, I'll give you an update on my life. How's that?

Finals were stressful. They always are. But this semester, I had a film project instead of a test. Those take up about one million hours, rather than about 7 hours or so that are normally devoted to finals cramming. But my project turned out really well. Although the alloted time was 3 minutes, and my full version is almost 6. The full version will be posted online when it's cleaned up a little more.

After finals, I drove home. Well, I didn't drive. Diane drove. I slept most of the way. It was great to be home. Played some Beatles Rockband, watched some Office, and then had some food poisoning. I think. I'm still not sure. In any case, I haven't been feeling well since. Stupid sickness. Get sick the first day of vacation. Oh well. Christmas is coming, our tree is decorated, my shopping is done, and Luke might/is coming to visit! Life is good.

Also, when I have my own Christmas tree, I want this one:


  1. You're in charge of decorating that tree, I'm afraid. I won't take responsibility for anything that elaborate.

  2. No, you'll have to help. That's the law according to the rules: no one shall decorate a Christmas tree by themself.