Thoughts from my Mind

I feel like I have lots to share. But at the same time, not so much. It's like, there's a lot going on in my head, but my life is staying pretty much the same. But just in case I missed something, here's a list:

*I have a job now! As a janitor..... But I think I get paid today!
*that's about it.

I work, come home, have a nap, and drink a lot of kool-aid. Sometimes I shower because I smell like ammonia. On Wednesdays I go to institute. On Sundays I go to church. I don't do as much writing as I should.

I'm also trying to psych myself up to go back to school.

I need something amusing to share with you all....hold on....

I just love ducks. 

In future posts, I shall share with you all my must have list for back-to-s****l. Nothing like fabulousness to make it a little bit easier to get back to the daily grind and say so long to summer. 

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