The Hippest of the Hip

Well, here I am. A full fledged hipster. It's true. It all began when Luke bought me the computer I've been longing for. I now have a MacBook Pro.  It is sleek and shiny. It runs so smooth. It is a lot less clunky to carry around. It works so much better for me. I love having many things open, without sacrificing speed. It also doesn't take decades to open a program. And with the fantastic internet at our house, it's like pure magic. Netflix really does stream instantly; whole pages load in micro-seconds (nano-seconds? Regular seconds? It's fast).

Also, I now have a men's shirt. I'm fairly certain that wearing men's clothing makes me a hipster, especially when it's plaid and I wear it with skinny jeans. And converse. Now I just need some glasses.

Today I'm wearing a hoodie. With the hood on my head and bangs in my face. No one has to know I'm listening to pop music on my iPod. And by pop I mean Ke$ha. 

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