Gloomy Tuesday

It rained today. So I wore my boots. Good idea, no? 

FALSE. Terrible idea. 

They got soaked. And my socks got soaked. And since they're boots, they're hard to take on and off as it is. Now that they're wet, once they come off, there is no possible way to ever get them back on. At least until they dry.  Which I imagine taking around 6 hours or so.  Now I get to walk around with wet feet. And every time I go outside, they will only get wetter. And we still aren't due home for another.....6 hours. 

I'm also supposed to be working on my script, since I'm reading in class tomorrow. I need to have around 10 pages of new material. I pages. So far all my work has been spent on writing and revising the first 15 pages. Suck. Historical fiction is terribly hard to write. 

Because of the writing and because of the rain, I am in a rather terrible mood today. I would go and get some lunch, but that means leaving the dodgy-but-dry computer engineering building I'm in, and going out in the rain. My feet will get wet. 

Today is a gloomy day, indeed. 

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