Four Years Ago

I was in London four years ago. By this time in July, we'd been all through Ireland, and had settled ourselves in the city.  

By this point, I'd already managed to get kind of lost trying to find the Old Vic theatre, and found an awesome bookshop instead. Ashley and I had also managed to work out just how to ride the Underground. 

I'd been shopping at an English market. And had pastries from the Queen's grocery store. 

I'd been late to class {probably twice} 

I'd been to Oxford, where I heard a lecture about the creation and upkeep of the Oxford English Dictionary. 

I'd only been in the city for 4 days at this point, so I hadn't seen very many places or done very many things. 

But already, it had captured my heart.  I long to go back. 


  1. London's been on my mind for the last week and a half. Sigh.

  2. If it is four years ago for you, I think it is 8 years ago for me??? That is unbelievable!