For the most part, the past year has been pretty stress-free. I finished school last December, and so I stayed at home and ... well ... didn't do very much. I volunteered on a few film projects, deep cleaned our apartment, but I wasn't working, so there wasn't much for me to do. Finally, in August, when I filed all the paperwork {it always comes back to the %@*# paperwork}, that's when my stress began. 

Suddenly there were more things to file, appointments to make and keep, jobs to find and keep, and now that we finally are going to the interview, my stress level is pretty high. I'm not saying this for sympathy; I'm saying it because it's true and so when I look back on this some day, I won't say "boy, getting a Green Card wasn't as stressful as the movies make it seem". It is every bit as panic inducing as The Proposal. At least I know that I didn't get married just for the status change.  

Tomorrow, after the interview, there will be nothing left but waiting for the actual card itself to come in the mail. Unless we fail, then there will be another interview and who knows what else. 

Incidentally, today is the first time I've ever experienced stress eating. I can't say I enjoy it much. 

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