Because Spring, That's Why

Since I don't live on the East Coast, the weather this winter has been, to put simply, mild. Warm, even. But not quite so warm that I can pretend it's spring. And it's driving me crazy. I want to wear a light jacket and cute flats and sleep with the window open and eat ice cream outside, dang it! So here are some pretty pictures that remind of spring. 

This colour palate is so perfectly springy. Plus ice cream! And sprinkles! 

Spring seems like the best time to try out this fancy blackberry limeade, right? 

I'm really loving this simple dress. It's not very colourful, but I think the floral lace makes it count as an Easter dress.

via JCPenny

And these little bowls are perfecct for Easter candy, er, I mean fresh berries. 


I want a little English country garden so bad! Nothing seems more spring-like than that.

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