Mid-November Musings

Would you all like to know why I haven't written in such a long time? Well fear not, for I shall tell you! 

Actually, I had this really long post about things, but then it got erased. And it was good, and I don't really feel like doing it all again. So, here are the highlights! 

Work is crazy. I have double the number of papers to grade as usual, so of course it's taking me longer to get them finished. Students don't understand that. 

Things with renewing my passport got tricky, but for the most part are worked out now. Hooray! 

I'm still trying to find a ride home for Thanksgiving. And I really want to go!!!!! 

I got into the screenwriting class that I really wanted to take. Life is so good! Otherwise, how can I emphasize in screenwriting? Oh wait, one class, nope, I couldn't do it.  So now, things are better. 

The Beatles are available on iTunes now. Weird.  Although at $1.29 a song, I'll probably just get  albums (the last 3 that I need) from Wal-mart or something. Besides, real Bee-atles fans already have their songs anyway, and don't need iTunes to supply them. Superfans know why I called them Bee-atles. 

There are more ups and down in my life. But I don't want to get in to that now. So I won't. 

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