For a minute, I thought I was going to have two posts on the same day (not that there's anything wrong with that....), but I realized that it's now past midnight, so I'm good. 

I just want to say-----BOO to FEEDBACK FORMS. I like giving feedback, I don't like filling out the same form a bajillionity times. 

This is why I can't add my professor on Facebook. I rant about his class there. I also rant about it here. Because I feel a little safer here. Even though there are probably creepers. But that's okay. They don't determine my final grade. I hope. 

One last story to go. One.....more..... I can't convince myself to do it. Sorry, E. 

Just kidding. I'll go do it now. By then the Dr. P will have worn off and I can SLEEP. Even though I have too many other things to do. 

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  1. loving the updates/ haha

    btw, what's your professor's name? >:)