Fresh Out of Titles

So, I didn't really want to post today. Because then there would be a different post than the last one I posted (with the really awesome poster of The Beatles). I just love how it looks there, with my London background in, hehe...

In other news, the semester is almost over. Yay! Yay? I'm not sure which. It has been a really great semester. I'll be sad to see it go. I've loved my writing class the most. Even though it was TONS of work (sometimes busywork....shhhh). But I got to work with some really fantastic people, and write some fairly fantastic stuff. I know that next semester I get to move on to bigger and better things. But I'm sad to see that class go. I'm also sad to say goodbye to my Monte Python class. Yep, I spent a semester watching silly British men do sillier British things. Be jealous of my major. Finally, I'll be sad to see my extra long weekends go. I've had no Monday or Friday classes, which has been wonderful. Next semester I still have Fridays off, so it's not so bad. And only writing on Mondays, so that's all good. 

That was a long paragraph, sorry friends. 

Now that the end is near, I have SO MUCH to get done still. It makes me scared just thinking about it. But, it has to get done, right? So I'll just have to stay up late every night getting it done. 

I went to the Apple store yesterday (I was on a date :). And they played Beatles music the whole time. I am in love. In fact, I began to wander just so I could stay and listen. Luke is the best for putting up with me. 

The rest of the date was good too. We walked around down-town SLC and found a new restaurant to try. Five Star Restaurant should seriously rename themselves. It had Chinese and Thai cuisine. Honestly, the Chinese place at Smith's is so much better. Next, we walked around Temple Square and saw the lights. It was cold, but I loved it. Finally, we went to the mall in search of warm hats. I didn't find any. Neither did Luke. Darn. We still had a great time. Luke's pretty awesome. 

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  1. It was a good time. And I excuse the restaurant for not having five star food because they didn't have five star prices either. ;)
    Love you, Ash.