Maybe There's Some Hope After All

So, this week started out pretty rough, and didn't really get any better. I'm not expecting it to, either. I started out the week sleeping through class, which I never do, and I did it twice. Then there was a bad diagnosis with my car battery, and sometimes, life is just rough. Plus, it snowed, which always puts me in a funk. 

But there have been a few silver linings. First, there was a new episode of House this week, so I watched that instead of while doing my homework. Second, the sun is shining, and it's supposed to get up to 6 degrees Celsius by Friday! Oh, and third, I found out that I'm making 50 cents more an hour than I thought I was. Which puts my rate at 3.5 cupcakes an hour, rather than 3.  And fourth, Yellowcard (my favourite band only since EVER [or high school]) released their single from their upcoming album, and I bought it. It's fantastic. 

Yes, I just used cupcakes as a measurement. 

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