I'd Do a Silly Walk, but I'm Not Feeling Very John Cleese Right Now

I've been feeling a little bit down lately. The stress of finding a new apartment, packing up all our things, and getting ready to move has caught up with me.  And we just found out that some repairs that were supposed to be done before we moved in, well, they won't be done.  

So I've decided that instead of ranting about it, I'd list some things that make me happy, and almost always cheer me up.

P.S. Bonus points to whoever can correctly identify my title quote. And no cheating. Minus points for using Google. 

1. Meredeth and Cristina always dancing their problems out. 

2. Sharing the grumpies with this penguin 

3. Looking at pictures of London 

4. Gilmore Girls 


  1. Rachel here-Its from Gilmore girls. Lor says it!

  2. It's from Gilmore Girls, and Dean says it. Glad to know you're as much of a Gilmore fan as I am!

  3. @ Genuine Draft, you are correct! I'm a huge GG fan.