A Year Ago, Part I

So, this happened a year ago....

Yep, it's already been a year since our first reception. It was perfect and lovely. 

Thank you, family, for working so hard to make it so nice. 

Thank you, Rachel for doing my hair and being my maid of honour. 

Thank you, dear friends, for coming. Thank you Whit, for your words of wisdom. Thank you Cathy and Jake, for all your help setting up.  Thank you Susan, for being so delightful. 

Thank you, Wayne and Kathy, for driving all the way to Canada, and being the best in-laws ever. 

 And thank you me, for taking this one nice picture, where I'm not making a face, or trying to be too model-ish.


  1. Your hair kills me! SO, so pretty and fabulous. Good job, Rachel! :)

  2. Your hair does look absolutely fabulous! Congrats on celebrating one year!!