Quick Updates

I haven't been posting a lot lately. Mostly because it's summer, and things move slower.  Plus, I'm pretty boring, so there's nothing to update on. But I think I can scrounge up a few things. 

We have a washer/dryer in this new place. So I use it sometimes. However, the dryer isn't the best, so it usually takes a cycle or two for clothes to become properly dry. I often forget to turn it on again. And then my clothes sit around wet, and they start to smell bad. So then I have to wash them all over again.  

I've been working on my reading list a little bit.  There's actually a really great post about it that I need to finish up and edit a bit. In the mean time, I've been trying to read The Sound and the Fury. It's a Faulkner, and I'm finding it very hard to read. There's no introduction of characters, or situations. It just kind of launches in. And everything is dialoge, so you kind of have to piece it together yourself. This does make for a faster read, though. I'll write about it once I'm done. 

That's about it, I suppose.  

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