Let's Go to the Mall!

Luke and I went for a walk around the mall tonight. We do that sometimes - go to the mall to go on a walk.  We usually do a few laps, maybe go in to a store or two, and then get a snack at the food court. 

Tonight, as we were on our second lap, we stopped in a home decor store. We found some excellent wall art (hint: OWLS!).  Then we doubled back to the candle store.  I love candles and other similar things that make my house smell good. But they are usually kind of pricey.  So when I realized they were having a sale, I picked up a few new candles. 

Now my house smells like fall.  For the first time since moving in, I feel cozy here. It's not perfect, but boy, does it smell delicious.  I've been sad to see summer slowly turning in to fall, but I'm not so sad now. 

P.S. Bonus points to those who know where I got my title. 

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